OnlyFans Star And Minnesota Superfan Allie Rae Blocked By Football Team, Unloads On The Gophers: EXCLUSIVE

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OnlyFans star Allie Rae and the Minnesota Gophers appear to have a serious problem on social media.

Rae is known for being incredibly popular on OnlyFans, but she’s also known for being a massive fan of the Gophers. Calling her a superfan is definitely an accurate description of her love for the Minnesota Gophers.

She was even in the house to watch the Gophers take down Nebraska to open the season, and her content from the game (nothing inappropriate) and the attention she received appears to have led to her being blocked.

Rae told me Tuesday morning she’d been blocked by the football team’s official Twitter account, and shared a screenshot proving it.

OnlyFans star Allie Rae blocked by Minnesota’s football team on Twitter. (Credit: Allie Rae)

Allie Rae reacts exclusively with OutKick about Minnesota football blocking her.

Rae, who is a huge sports fan in general, spoke with me at length about the situation, and she worries this could be the first domino to fall before she might ultimately be banned from games.

“I am very worried about the hockey team blocking me next. Like, then what? I’m gonna be banned from the stadium too! Like, it’s crazy. I think it has to do with all the attention I had while tailgating etc. with And, the forums on there were blowing up with my name, but mostly with love and actually most people were happy I was bringing so much attention to the Gophers sports program. I don’t see how it’s a bad thing at all. As you can see, none of my tweets were bad towards them, etc. I tried to message them for comments but they haven’t responded,” Rae told me Tuesday morning in reaction to being blocked.

Allie Rae reacts to being blocked by Minnesota’s football team. (Credit: Allie Rae)

When asked if this will impact Rae attending any future games, she didn’t even hesitate to make it clear it won’t.

“Absolutely not. I will wear my maroon and gold loud and proud whether I am welcome or not,” the OnlyFans star further told me.

Rae, who is an OutKick fan herself, also made it clear she thinks it’s absurd the team is blocking her while she regularly talks with many players.

“I mean I am literally the ultimate fan, lol, like I buy 10+ tickets to most games, to hand out to my community because I want to hype up the support for the team! And to be honest, for another story, do you know how many gopher players on the team actually follow, watch my stories and talk with me on the regular!? Not gonna name drop, but a lot.” Rae declined to name any names out of respect for the privacy of the players.

She also said she’s reached out for an explanation, but hasn’t received one yet.

Why was Rae blocked? Is it because of her OnlyFans?

This is a bizarre decision from the Minnesota Gophers to block arguably the team’s most famous fan on the internet.

In fact, I can’t name a single other famous Minnesota fan. Does another major one exist? If so, it’s not coming to mind.

Is the idea that you can’t follow sports teams on social media if you’re in the adult entertainment industry? Again, I saw all her content from the game. None of it was inappropriate or edgy at all. It was just videos and photos of her with friends having some drinks and fun supporting the Gophers.

We’ll be following this story like hawks. Last time I checked, this is still American and we celebrate sports fandom. Apparently, the Gophers feel differently when the fan is an OnlyFans star.

Written by David Hookstead

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