Allen Robinson Makes Damning Comments On Bears Negotiations, Or Lack Thereof

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The Chicago Bears want star receiver Allen Robinson to return. But according to Robinson, the Bears clearly don’t want him back at any cost.

“Unfortunately we’ve come to what seems to be a fork in the road,” Robinson said via Go Long. “But not even a fork. We haven’t even been given a viable option to be able to do those things that we want to do without sacrificing a ridiculous amount pretty much for the rest of my career.”

Robinson is a free agent and a highly coveted one. The Bears have made it clear their priority is to bring him back. But after not finalizing before the season, the Bears have run the risk of losing him altogether.

“It would be like if I told somebody, ‘You are qualified for this job. And this is what the other people at that job are making. But you can’t make that,’” Robinson said. “Nobody in America would even do that. You see people go from job to job on an everyday basis in America. They get a job, they fill out another resume because, now, they have the experience. They go from company to company to company, at the same time, increasing their salaries. But for players, when you get in that situation where you’re even up for a contract, it’s almost a lose-lose between the fans and — for a lot of players, not just myself — even the organization and teammates.”

Robinson, 27, appeared in all 16 games this past regular season, finishing with a career-high 102 receptions, six touchdowns and 1,250 yards overall. He compiled six catches for 55 yards in the Bears’ first-round playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Written by Sam Amico

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