Hero Cop Smokes Texas Mall Mass Killer In Body Camera Footage

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Video has been released of an Allen Police Department officer killing Mauricio Martinez Garcia to stop his rampage.

Garcia murdered eight people at the Allen Premium Outlets shopping center May 6 in Allen, Texas. His evil and horrific rampage was brought to an end when an unnamed cop arrived on scene and killed Garcia.

Police body camera footage shows Allen Police Department officer killing Mauricio Martinez Garcia. (Photo by Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

Hero police officer stops Mauricio Martinez Garcia’s at Allen shopping center.

The unidentified officer’s body camera footage was released Wednesday, and it’s incredibly impressive. The officer spotted Garcia and put rounds downrange without a moment of hesitation.

Unlike officers in Uvalde, the unnamed hero cop didn’t wait to do something. He brought his rifle up and engaged Garcia as soon as he could see the killer.

The officer continued to fire as he advanced on Garcia until coming upon the murderer’s dead body. You can watch the video below.

(Warning: video contains graphic content)

The police officer showed great bravery.

This cop is the definition of a hero. That word is often overused these days. In this case, it’s 100% appropriate.

It’s every bit as appropriate to use the word now as it was for the cops in Nashville. This police officer showed absolutely no hesitation.

As anyone who has ever been in a gunfight will tell you, speed is of critical importance. You need to engage the enemy with overwhelming speed, surprise and violence of action.

A police officer will rarely ever have surprise in the event of a mass shooting, but a cop can still display speed. That’s what happened in Nashville when cops smoked transgender mass killer Audrey Hale. The body camera footage from Allen, Texas proved it also happened in this case.

Hero police officer killed Mauricio Martinez Garcia during mass killing rampage in Allen, Texas. (Photo by Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

This cop is a hero and deserves to be treated as such. You must confront evil to stop it, and that’s exactly what happened here.

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