Allen Lazard Says Nathaniel Hackett Has Players Making Animal Noises To Remember Plays

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New York Jets wide receiver Allen Lazard says that offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett has players doing something unorthodox to remember plays: he has them making animal noises.

Sean Payton would never…

The Jets wideout revealed that Hackett has turned to the animal kingdom for inspiration on how to get his guys to remember the play.

“He gets a room of grown men to make animal noises,” Lazard said, per the Daily Mail. “It may not make too much sense, but it’s pertaining to the play.

“Whether it’s a name. Whether it’s a whale, a kangaroo, a pony, a shark. You’d have to sit in the room to hear [the sounds], but he’s the only person who can get grown men to do something like that.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this was new to Lazard.

“I’ve never experienced something like that in my career — different organizations and different coaches I’ve had.”

I have no idea if Hackett was doing this in Denver. Maybe he was and this is part of what Sean Payton was talking about last week.

We can assume Hackett wasn’t doing this in Green Bay. Otherwise, Lazard wouldn’t seen so surprised by this methodology having played under Hackett there too.

I’m skeptical of the animal sounds approach. That’s because people don’t do animal sounds the same way. Take a pony for instance. If the Jets tried to run a “pony play” one guy might go “neigh” which is more of a horse noise. That could confuse someone else to run the horse play.

Next thing you know: turnover.

Also, Lazard mentioned kangaroos and sharks. Riddle me this: what the hell kind of sounds do they make?



Hopefully, we get an update on this approach because it’ll either work incredibly or terribly. There’s no in-between.

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