Allegedly ‘Drunk’ Umpire Causes A Scene During Mexican Baseball Game

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A Mexican Pacific League umpire has been suspended indefinitely after he was allegedly drunk and combative when game officials tried to remove him from a recent game, according to Mexican media outlets. Umpire Humberto Sainz could be seen flipping off fans and resisting when authorities came onto the field to have him removed.

“During the game he was arguing with his fellow umpires, managers and players, he also made obscene gestures to the public, for this reason Humberto ‘Lobito’ Sainz was taken from the stadium by the police and, they report, taken to separations,” Beisbolpuro reported.

Saiz eventually issued an apology, but it wasn’t enough. The Mexican Pacific League was fed up with the behavior and has sent the (allegedly) liquored up ump to the showers — permanently.

The league released a statement announcing its decision:

“In the Liga ARCO Mexicana del Pacífico we always seek to enhance our values ​​as an institution, for which we strongly condemn the events that occurred on the night of this Sunday, Dec. 19 at the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium in Mazatlán,” the statement reads.

“Due to this, it has been decided to indefinitely separate the umpire who starred in this unfortunate event from his position, reinforcing the measures so that situations like this do not recur on and off the field of play with our officials.”

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