Alleged Johnny Depp Cocaine Partying Photos Entered Into Evidence As Libel Case Heats Up

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Johnny Depp’s libel case against British tabloid The Sun has been about as wild as you’d expect. The week started with Depp claiming his then-wife Amber Heard took a dump in their marital bed and has escalated to Amber’s defense team dropping photos of what they say is Depp’s “lunch” – whisky, cocaine and then Depp passed out from “lunch.”

Remember, this is a case where Depp is suing The Sun for reporting that he was a wife beater. This has led to all sorts of evidence being spilled out by Depp and Heard’s legal teams. I’m not sure where The Sun’s legal team fits into all this as it’s a Britain courtroom and I’m not a British court expert.

What’s clear here is that Heard kept her receipts and laid them right out on the table for the world to see. The Daily Mail fills in the details:

The pictures were taken in 2013, on the day Depp was due to be filming a documentary about Keith Richards – shortly before he and Heard rowed about his drug and alcohol use.

Depp was cross examined by The Sun’s lawyer today, who asked Depp if he was carrying cocaine in the ‘pill box’. The actor replied: ‘I would say I probably was.’

Johnny told the court that Heard “normally” chopped lines for him. He added that Heard would “chop the cocaine up for me so that I could do the line and then she would press her finger into it and ingest it orally.”

What a movie we’re watching!

If you think a cocaine lunch sounds off-the-wall, wait until you hear about Depp’s text exchanges. Here we go:

The court heard that Deppswapped ‘joke’ texts with British actor Paul Bettany about setting Amber Heard on fire and ‘f***ing her burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she’s dead’ or drowning his ‘witch’ ex-wife.

The 57-year-old actor was asked by The Sun’s lawyer about the series of text messages with Bettany and whether he thought they were a ‘respectful’ way to talk about his girlfriend.

Reading from the shocking messages exchanged between Depp and Bettany, Ms Wass said: ‘(Depp says) first of all we buy Amber a pet beaver and then we take pictures of you shaving the pet beaver.

‘All this is to create a domain name ‘Johnny Depp Shaves Amber Heard’s Beaver’.

I said it earlier this week and I’ll say it again, Johnny Depp should’ve never gotten married, should’ve never spent move than a weekend with Amber Heard. In fact, he probably shouldn’t spend more than a random night here and there with women. This is definitely Depp’s downfall. He needs to find cocaine buddies and just party. Read the full report from the Daily Mail above. Heard and Depp are insanely wild if you didn’t know before now. Put it this way, these two aren’t your typical suburban couple worrying about what time their Aldi delivery is being dropped off.

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