All-Time Highs In COVID Cases Hit Australia, Despite Tighter Restrictions

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Useless mask mandates continue to get demolished by skyrocketing COVID case numbers. The latest case study comes from Victoria, Australia after new COVID data recorded all-time highs only two months after restrictions were tightened.

In a timeline provided by Twitter account @ianmSC, the trajectory of rising COVID cases has been through the roof, despite the country’s strict COVID crackdown on its citizens. There’s no evidence that most inane item of COVID restrictions — wearing masks to “slow the spread” — has been effective, but they continue in many places, including schools.

Since the beginning of 2021, masks mandates have been a staple of COVID restrictions in Victoria. The government there has gone as far as allowing citizens to take off their masks only when inside their homes.

When the Australian government last updated their mask mandates (July 15) to require a mask at all times — away from one’s residence — Victoria only averaged 4 cases a week total. As of Sept. 29, the 7-day average has increased to 813 cases.

The best N95 masks available have been proven to contain no more than 50 percent of aerosol droplets, while commonly used surgical masks post no more than 10 percent containment.

Though more data that demonstrates the ineffectiveness of the restrictions continues to roll out, the Australian government continues to crackdown on Aussies’ personal freedoms. Such a shameful display of government overreach.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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