All That and a Bag of Mail: Elections and Playoffs Edition

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Written by Clay Travis

Clay Travis is an author, radio show host, lawyer, TV analyst, and the founder of OutKick (formerly known as Outkick the Coverage).
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  1. We have a 10:00 pm curfew now in California, in effect until December 21st. It seems that every time a politician gets caught in this state violating their own edicts, more restrictions come down. Haven’t met one person who is in favor of Prince Gavin’s last set of rules

  2. Your response to the last question is spot on, Clay. Sportswriters today want to be known as Journalists first (yes I capitalized the J intentionally) and sports fans second. When I was growing up ( quite older than you) broadcasters and sports writers just loved sports, and found out they had a talent for writing about it. Now the Peter Kings and Jemele Hills of the world think that they are Woodward and Bernstein. Let’s be honest: if Jemele wasn’t black, she’d be making caffe mochas for a living.

  3. I won’t accept a system that puts a Florida team with 2 potential losses, to Texas A&M that would be 9-1 and Alabama that is ranked #1 most of the year, behind teams like OK State, group of five teams and a Pac-12 champ that played 7 games. FUCK that.

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