All That and a Bag of Mail

It’s Friday!

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Let’s roll right into the mailbag:

Everyone wants to discuss the coaching search. We got bunches of questions from every SEC team with a coach on the hot seat and Nebraska, North Carolina, and UCLA fans. 

So let’s dive into this by first ranking the potentially available jobs and then me telling you who I think each school should hire and who they’ll actually hire. 

My potential job opening rankings:

1. Florida

2. Texas A&M

3. Tennessee

4. Auburn

5. Arkansas

6. North Carolina


8. Nebraska

9. Ole Miss

Now inevitably all of you aren’t going to agree with my rankings of the available jobs, but that’s okay, you can be wrong. I’ve also gone ahead and ranked even the jobs that I think shouldn’t come open — Auburn — and a job that still might not come open — if the Aggies win out I think it would be hard to fire Kevin Sumlin after going 5-3 in the SEC West with a young team.

Having said all that, I’m now going to tell you who I think each program should hire and who they will hire.

1. Florida 

Should hire: Chip Kelly

Will hire: Scott Frost

2. Texas A&M (Assuming the Aggies don’t go 8-4)

Should hire: Chip Kelly if Florida doesn’t

Will hire: Chad Morris

3. Tennessee

Should hire: Jon Gruden if he will come (Please, please, please, please #grumors)

Will hire: Dan Mullen

4. Auburn

If Auburn goes 8-4 and is competitive against Georgia and Alabama I don’t think they should fire Gus Malzahn because I don’t think there’s an available coach who would do substantially better than him.

5. Arkansas

Should hire: Lane Kiffin

Will hire: Mike Norvell

6. North Carolina

Should hire: Chip Kelly (can you imagine him at a Nike school like this. Honestly, seems like the perfect fit)

Will hire: Lane Kiffin


Should hire: Chip Kelly (I think he will pick UCLA over UNC)

Will hire: Chip Kelly

8. Nebraska

Should hire: Scott Frost (but he’ll go to Florida instead, I think)

Will hire: Matt Campbell

9. Ole Miss

Should hire: Mike Leach

Will hire: Charlie Strong

I’ll update this list weekly as we figure out which jobs will actually be open.

Trey writes:

“In your opinion does Goodell deserve an extension? Why or why not? Also what do you think will happen if he gets the extension and Jerry Jones sues?”

First, it’s hard to know all of the behind the scenes details about Roger Goodell’s job and his relationship with the owners, but publicly Goodell has been no better than average. He’s been a reactive commissioner as opposed to a pro-active commissioner.

And where he has been pro-active, he’s been incredibly dumb. Implementing the personal conduct policy is the single stupidest decision any commissioner has undertaken in my lifetime. It guaranteed that fans would come to see every NFL misdeed as directly connected to the league and ensured that fans wouldn’t wait for the criminal justice system to mete out justice.

I remain convinced that at some point in time the NFL will have its own Duke Lacrosse case and suspend a player despite the fact that he’s 100% innocent.

But until that happens was blamed when Ray Rice knocked out his fiancee instead of the justice system. No one out there focused on the state of New Jersey letting Ray Rice off with probation despite the fact that he knocked his wife out on video, instead they focused on the length of Roger Goodell’s punishment.

The end result is that the NFL is now in the investigation business. And they end up with stupid decisions like the Zeke Elliott one, where the evidence clearly doesn’t support a six game suspension.

And that’s not all, he hasn’t been proactive when he should have been proactive.

Think about the way the NBA addressed the national anthem controversy — they instituted a rule and no player has defied it. Imagine if the NFL already had a rule in place that players had to stand for the anthem or if they didn’t half their weekly paycheck went to the Wounded Warriors fund.

Boom, this entire Kaepernick protest would have never happened. Or if it had happened at least half of all of his paychecks would have gone to wounded soldiers.

So judging him only based on his public acts, I think the answer is no, he doesn’t deserve an extension.

As I said on the radio show Thursday, I’d hire Condoleeza Rice.

Many of you wrote versions of a question that I’ve synthesized here: “what are your thoughts on the sexual assault hysteria that has followed the Harvey Weinstein story and caught up Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Jeremy Piven, you name it?”

I’m troubled by all of this because it definitely seems like mob rule and because you’re now guilty based on accusations alone.

I have no doubt that many of these guys have behaved in a disgusting, inappropriate and potentially illegal fashion and I don’t feel any real remorse for the guys who have, but have all of them that have been accused 100% been inthe wrong?

What’s to stop three or four women who hate a guy from all agreeing to end his career by making up similar stories that a guy sexually harassed them?

Nothing that I can think of.

Remember, all of these cases are playing out in the court of public opinion, not the court of law.

It seems to me that we have swung into an era when you are guilty based on your sex. That is, a woman who accuses a man of behaving inappropriately is immediately believed and a man is disbelieved. But is that any better than not believing a woman and believing a man because of their gender?

I’ve got a crazy idea — I think we should look at the individual facts of every case and not consider the sex or race of the person involved as evidence of whether they are guilty or innocent of charges against them.

Plus, what’s the line between perverted behavior and a crime? Should someone lose their career because they have perverse sexual desires which aren’t illegal? For instance, in the Louis CK case, is asking a woman to watch you jerk off a crime? I can certainly understand why a woman might not like that request — and consider you to be strange for both asking and doing it — but it’s not a crime. At least not any crime that I can think of.

So have we already moved from the case of Harvey Weinstein, where he was clearly in the wrong on many levels, to a guy like Louis CK who just loves having women watch him masturbate? Yet Louis CK’s new movie has been pulled and HBO has removed all of his shows from distribution.

Does that seem appropriate?

I just don’t think it’s healthy for a country to punish people based on mob rule on social media. If the courts act, so be it, but I don’t think social media shaming should be a preferred method for stories like these to be covered.

Anyway, the ultimate lesson here is just marry one woman and sleep with her. So far no one, to my knowledge, has ever gotten in trouble in Hollywood or politics for that decision.

Steven writes:

“I’m probably going to become one of the many cord cutters between now and 2018.  I’m leaning towards going with Hulu as a replacement for live TV.  I’ve seen your breakdown on what cable subscribers pay to ESPN as a part of their monthly bill if they have cable or satellite.  Obviously ESPN is not getting the haul from Hulu, Sling, PlayStation VUE and the other live streaming options but I assume they still get a larger cut than some of the other networks.  Do you know what that breakdown is for the new age streaming cable options to the individual networks?  Does that help ESPN recoup some of the lost earnings from the cord cutters?”

ESPN gets the same amount from all these streaming companies as they do from cable and satellite.

So if your goal is to take your money from them by going to a streaming service, that doesn’t work.

Now, what you can do with streaming is only pay month-to-month. So you could, for instance, only subscribe for football season and quit after that. Then you’re taking away six months or so of their revenue.

The biggest issue I have had with streaming — I have Apple TV in my office — is that you’re significantly behind people with cable or satellite feeds.

I mean, like up to a minute behind.

In live sports, that’s everything.

So if you’re watching a game and streaming reaction on Twitter or Facebook, everyone will see and react to a play before it happens on your screen.

I think that’s a major issue for most sports fans who would be reading the mailbag today. Just be aware of that issue if you’re thinking about cutting the cord to save money. It’s the biggest issue I’ve seen so far and why I won’t abandon cable or satellite.

Hope y’all have great weekends. Thanks for supporting Outkick.


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.