All That and a Bag of Mail

It’s Friday, what a week.

Thankfully we have essentially reached college football season. Next week, we will be on the OutKick bus tour in Knoxville on Thursday night — we’ll have a live broadcast from the strip from 3-6 eastern with the OutKick 360 at the Uptown Bar and Grille at 1912 Cumberland Avenue — and then Saturday we will be set up for live broadcasts from the Georgia-Clemson game in Charlotte. You’ll be able to see our tailgate set up on Big Noon Saturday on Fox and on Fox & Friends on Fox News.

So I hope to see a bunch of you at both places over the next weekend.

But for now, let’s dive right into the Friday mailbag and the most frequent question we got, not surprisingly, had to do with Biden’s presidency.

Lee writes:

“Can we use the transfer portal for a NEW PRESIDENT?”

Chris writes:

“Will Biden successfully complete his first term?”

Well, his first term is certainly not going to be successful. Just based on the first eight months, think about all the major disasters: the border is the worst it’s been for most of our lives when it comes to illegals crossing, murders are at a 21st century high all over the country, we’re trending towards a new high in COVID hospitalizations, inflation is at a multi-decade high, Afghanistan is the worst foreign policy disaster in generations. Point me to something in the Biden administration that isn’t a total failure.

After eight months, we’re talking about Biden putting himself in the running for the worst president of my life. (Right now, Jimmy Carter has that honor, but I was a baby then so I don’t remember any of it.) Worse than that, I’m not sure how it gets any better because I’m increasingly of the opinion that Biden isn’t going to have the mental fortitude or physical stamina to last over three more years in office.

But I also don’t think Democrats are excited about Kamala Harris taking over because she’s even less popular than Joe Biden and appears to make even worse decisions than he does. So I think we’re going to continue the “Weekend At Bernie’s” presidency as long as we can, with the Biden White House staff dragging Joe Biden around as best they can hoping no one notices that he’s incapable of doing the job.

What I’d love to know is what are the Biden staffers seeing behind the scenes? As bad as Biden is for his limited public engagements, he has to be even worse outside the public eye too, right? Remember, we only see a fraction of his daily activities. Imagine what he might be saying or doing without a teleprompter in front of him.

The Trump White House was filled with leaks, for both real and fake news, but so far almost nothing negative has emerged about Biden behind the scenes.

Yet already Biden seems to have diminished appreciably in his mental state just based on the first eight months in office. What’s he going to look like in a year? In two years?

I feel bad for Biden, but I feel worse for our country that we’ve put ourselves in this situation.

Benjamin writes:

“Do you think there should be an age limit on how old one can be for President? You must be 35 to serve, say you can’t be past 65 when the term starts. Senate could be 60, and Congress 55. This gives people 30 years to serve the public. It would also be a back door on term limits.”

It’s really fascinating to think about because when the Constitution was written, most people didn’t live to be Joe Biden’s age. So the idea that we’d ever have a 78-year-old president probably struck many of the people who drafted the Constitution as highly unlikely.

Personally, I’d much rather have an upper age limit than a lower age limit for who can serve as president. Now I don’t think it will ever happen, but I believe the idea of requiring someone to be between the ages of 35 and 65 to be elected president is reasonable. That would give us a large thirty year window of viable candidates.

As is, the weight of the presidency, no matter your age, is nearly overwhelming, even for young and healthy people. The job is incredibly draining. Even people who are relatively young when they take the job — Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, for instance — age immensely during their time in office. I mean just look at the before and after pictures of our presidents

The science is pretty clear that your mental faculties decline when you reach your seventies. Are there exceptions? Sure. But the general rule is all of us, no matter what our politics are, become less mentally sharp as we age.

No one Joe Biden’s age, for instance, would be allowed to fly an airplane full of people for a commercial airline for this reason. If we wouldn’t let you fly an airplane full of people, why should you be able to lead an entire country? I just personally think we’d be better off with an upper age limit. (Now, by the way, if I were seventy I’d probably hate the idea. But sitting here at 42 years old, I don’t think it helps us to have someone this old in charge.)


“What are your thoughts on growing concern of foreign attack on US soil?”

Have you seen anything in the past two weeks in Afghanistan that makes you confident our current administration can keep a terror attack from happening here? I certainly haven’t.

I am praying a terror attack on our soil doesn’t happen, but I don’t see how our enemies can’t have been emboldened by what they’ve seen from the Joe Biden administration so far.

They want to strike us here, no doubt. Especially with the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 inching closer and closer.

Will they be able to do pull it off? I certainly hope not.

Eric writes:

“Will the NFL admit their mistakes on COVID policy within this season, or will they continue to excessively punish players who refuse to take a vaccine that increasingly appears to not be working?”

The NFL implemented their COVID policy with the idea the COVID vaccine would essentially eliminate COVID. It’s very clear that isn’t happening.

In fact, all the data from Israel suggests the COVID vaccines last about six months and then begin to give up their protections on a fairly significant level.

Now the good news is no NFL player is actually under any risk from COVID. At least not based on any reasonable statistical analysis from the past 18 months. NFL players are all, to a man, under far more danger from football itself than they are from COVID.

Right now, the NFL is trying to distinguish between those who are vaccinated and those who are unvaccinated when it comes to their COVID policies. They are only testing the vaccinated players once every two weeks, but they are testing the unvaccinated players every day. But that distinction really doesn’t make much sense because it means the NFL is fine with missing a ton of positive tests for vaccinated players. (Most players, vaccinated or unvaccinated, are asymptomatic.) And it’s going to make even less sense in the weeks and months ahead as NFL players continue to have more and more breakthrough COVID cases.

The NFL is attempting to encourage all players to get vaccinated so they can test them all way less, which will mean there are far fewer positive cases, at least in theory. But, again, the vaccines aren’t that effective over time, which means the players who got vaccinated the earliest are already going to be losing their vaccinated protection.

And, significantly, the outcome of COVID infections, with or without vaccination, are all essentially the same: no players have had major illnesses from COVID. Because, again, they’re all young and healthy. Since vaccinated NFL players are only tested once every two weeks, this means we are probably missing the majority of NFL COVID infections. The more testing that occurs, the more players will miss games.

But what you’re seeing right now is that even with that limited number of vaccinated player tests, all these breakthrough cases are starting to occur. Look at the Titans, for example, who have their head coach Mike Vrabel and their starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill both testing positive for COVID even after being vaccinated. These aren’t outliers. There are going to be more and more of them in the weeks and months ahead.

As if that weren’t enough, we’ve also got a difference in treatment for vaccinated and unvaccinated players, even when the unvaccinated players aren’t testing positive. Look at what happened with Cole Beasley in Buffalo. A vaccinated trainer he was in close contact with tested positive and now Beasley has to quarantine longer than the trainer who actually tested positive for COVID?

What sense does that make?

The NFL needs to just stop testing for COVID, period, unless a player or coach is symptomatic and requests a test.

Then they should treat COVID essentially the same as the flu. There was never any contact tracing for the flu, which is more dangerous to young people than COVID is. In fact, most players played with the flu.

All of this is just madness, honestly.

Reiss writes:

“There was research done in Israel that showed those who have had COVID have just as strong immunity, if not more, than vaccine induced immunity. The CDC 8/6 said there’s no evidence that shows the vaccine provides anymore immunity to prior infected. Why is this never mentioned?”

Because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

The mainstream media tells you that everyone who gets the vaccine is a hero, everyone who doesn’t get the vaccine is a villain. But what about people like me who have already had COVID and have seen the data that shows we are far more protected, thanks to our natural immunity, than the people who get vaccinated? We just get completely ignored.

That Israeli study, of 76,000 people, by the way, found that after three months, someone who had been naturally infected with COVID and recovered from it had 13-27x the protection from the delta variant as someone who had been vaccinated. That’s pretty damn significant, don’t you think?

For the past 18 months our “experts” have consistently preached “follow the science” while not doing it themselves. Masks in schools make zero scientific sense. Masks on anyone, increasingly, is just cosmetic theater. The vaccine is less protective than natural recovery from COVID infection. All of these things are indisputably true, based on the science, yet almost no one is willing to say or write this because they are afraid of the blue check mob that’s going to come after them on social media.

Social media was supposed to allow the full flourishing of the First Amendment’s marketplace of ideas online. Instead what’s happened is it’s produced a massive rush to consensus opinion. Everyone has to have the same opinion as the masses or they get castigated and censured for that difference of opinion.

COVID has just illuminated this conflict in a massive way. Instead of arguing for a consensus opinion in politics — “Trump’s a Nazi!” — or in sports — “Colin Kaepernick’s a hero!” — we’ve now moved it into science as well. “Wear a mask or you are literally killing people!”

As soon as scientists all told us that, despite the fact that we were supposed to be locked down and socially distancing, that it was okay for BLM protesters to take to the streets in the tens of thousands, any argument for scientific objectivity went out the window. (This was immediately after we were told by scientists that anyone protesting lockdowns was unacceptable.)

The politicization of science should be terrifying to anyone who believes in actual science, which is often incredibly messy and predicated on conflict, not consensus. Science requires that conventional wisdom be challenged all the time. That’s one of the basic hallmarks of the scientific method. Otherwise we’d all still believe the sun revolved around the earth.

Increasingly, our future on social media seems very similar to our past. Where once there was a huge battle between science and religion with religious figures not accepting any scientific fact that questioned their version of the world, now there’s a new battle between the actual truth and the woke version of the truth. That tension underlies everything in American life today.

It’s why the red pill Matrix metaphor makes so much sense for so many people.

Once you start to question the prevailing narratives, you see just how deep the dishonesty in this country runs.

Okay, it’s time for my radio show.

Appreciate all of you and your support for OutKick.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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  1. We need to keep allowing really old presidents to help manage our costs in supporting them the rest of their lives. Lol Maybe we look at raising the congressional age so some of these lifetime members of Congress final an enjoyable pursuit and be productive in the private sector for perspective. You think AOC could use a little private sector seasoning. Maybe have a revenue number to hit each quarter for a few years?

  2. Upper age limit would have prevented the two greatest Presidents of the last 150 years from serving: Reagan and Trump. I’d take those guys in their 80s over Barry Soetoro and Jimmy Carter every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    One more thing… the country didn’t put us in this mess. The DNC and their stolen election did.

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