All Hell Breaks Loose At 30K Feet On Frontier Flight To Las Vegas As Hoodrats Go Nuts – Update

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Imagine you’re sitting there with your headphones on during a flight to Las Vegas and you’re dreaming of slapping down a few bones on the craps table and crushing “free” drinks for a few days.

The music is pumping. Those pre-flight vodkas are starting to do their thing. You’re feeling good. Vacation has started.

Annnnnnddddd….then several scumbags decide it’s time to be total scumbags. Welcome to the world of budget airlines where you’re tempting fate every single time you board one of these loser flights, especially to Vegas.

TikTok’s DJ.2am said enough is enough after her experience Tuesday on a Las Vegas-bound Frontier Airlines flight that turned crazy at 30,000 feet when multiple people got out of their seats to argue like they were Jerry Springer show guests.

“Not us landing in Denver because these dumb hoes wanna fight on the plane wait til I post this s–t smh,” 2am wrote on Instagram Story after landing at Denver so the jackasses could be yanked off the flight. “And the AC just went out so we gotta switch planes never flying frontier again,” she added.

After all was said and done, DJ 2am says her five-hour flight to Vegas turned into a 9-hour ordeal and she’s officially fed up with the losers responsible for the chaos. Oh, and DJ 2am’s girlfriend Kiona says they paid “over $400” for each ticket only to have it turn into this.


Fighting 30,000 feet in the air is WILD. Back to delta and southwest I go lol #fightonaplane #iwannagohome

♬ original sound – DJ.2AM

As of March, Congress was working on legislation for a no-fly list for scumbag passengers who cause problems like what DJ 2 am and her girlfriend Kiona experienced. Because this is the government we’re talking about, nothing has been finalized on such a list and a ban, which means these loser scumbags get to keep causing chaos and normal Americans have to keep paying the price thanks to the hoodrats.

“Frontier would just be big flying jail cells then,” a Reddit user noted about such a federal rule.

It can’t come fast enough. Fly those jail cells straight to Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Philly and every other city where these losers typically do their business.

Leave the rest of us alone.


Rachel, a passenger on the flight, reached out to add some context to the craziness.

“The *joys* of travelling 🙄 A lesbian couple got into a domestic dispute on Frontier flight F9 2143 Philadelphia to Las Vegas on my flight yesterday (July 11, 2023.) After they both were fighting with other passengers (and swinging) we diverted to Denver for them to both be kicked off the plane,” she wrote on Instagram.

What triggered the lesbians, I asked via IG DMs.

“They were drinking and I’m guessing something spilled because the flight attendant brought them stacks of paper towels. She had to go over three times before this while incident popped off,” Rachel tells me.

“I’m a Vegas local and assumed at first they were celebrating going to Vegas until they started swearing. I originally thought they were fighting with passengers in front of them until they got out of their seats.

“On the way out the one with the braids punched a guy in the head / face. I saw it in a video another passenger showed me while she was in line for the restroom while we were stuck in Denver.”

Did Frontier offer a free drink, a snack, or a simple “We’re sorry” after such hoodrat behavior?

“They asked if we wanted anything to drink but I assumed it was for purchase,” she replied while noting, “I’m just glad they had 3 working toilets at the minimum.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

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