Alisha Lehmann Rocks A Bikini At The Pool While Taking Some Time Off After Addressing Her Haters

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Alisha Lehmann has been a busy woman on and off the soccer field. The Aston Villa forward has logged minutes in all 20 of the team’s games this season, scoring four goals and assisting on two in the process. She’s also been busy on social media creating content.

That content has made her one of the most followed female athletes on Instagram, where she has 13.1 million followers, and on TikTok, where she’s collected another 8.1 million followers.

Soccer star and influencer Alisha Lehmann
Soccer star taking some time off poolside in a bikini (Image Credit: Alisha Lehmann/TikTok)

That size following has kept her busy slide tackling the haters as well. They assume that because she’s built a large following, and occasionally posts bikini content, that she doesn’t ever see the field.

Lehmann addressed the haters, “Obviously, it’s not a nice thing to say to us players because we train every day so hard. But, for myself, it gives me strength because I feel like one hundred percent you want my life.”

“So why would you say that?,” she continued. “It’s probably jealousy or people don’t want to see it or they’re just bored in life and have to say something.”

She’s not wrong. Let’s be honest here, the haters here are mostly women who found out that their husband or boyfriend are one of her followers.

Lehmann isn’t worried about the haters though. She’s doing her best to ignore it. Her friends and family on the other hand do read the haters’ comments.

Her message to them has been for them to follow her lead and ignore it. She doesn’t let it affect her and she’s happy with the content she puts out.

Alisha Lehmann Isn’t Letting The Haters Get To Her

“I say, ‘look, it doesn’t affect me.’ I’m strong with what I’m doing and if people are not happy with it then it’s there own choice. It doesn’t affect me.”

Lehmann backed that up on Saturday when she spent “some time off” rocking a bikini at the pool.

Take that haters. That’s a strong way to drive the point home that she isn’t affected by the hate at all.

Lehmann isn’t going to back down from making content just because you can’t handle it. Your issues aren’t with her anyway.

There’s no reason she can’t be an athlete and a content creator. She’s proven that and built a brand in the process.

This is the power of sports and influencing when they coming together. It’s a win for the athlete, their followers, and the sport.

Written by Sean Joseph

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