Alica Schmidt Shares A Selfie In Nothing But A Towel Ahead Of A Long Day Of Modeling

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German sprinter Alica Schmidt was back doing that thing she does, but doesn’t want people to notice that she does. Yep, modeling. She even promoted the fact that she had a long day of shooting ahead of her in her Instagram Story.

Schmidt only has 3.5 million followers on Instagram so a few people noticed that she had a day filled with modeling. Again, that thing she doesn’t want anyone to notice that she does.

The “Hottest Track Athlete in the World” aka the “World’s Sexiest Athlete” teased the big day ahead with a bathroom selfie in nothing but a couple of towels. There were also a couple of behind the scenes shots shared from her 10 hour photo shoot.

Alica Schmidt Towel Selfie
German runner preparing for a long photo shoot (Image Credit: Alica Schmidt/Instagram)
Alica Schmidt Towel Selfie
Behind the scenes look Schmidt getting ready (Image Credit: Alica Schmidt/Instagram)
Alica Schmidt Towel Selfie
A quick ice cream break (Image Credit: Alica Schmidt/Instagram)

This wasn’t Schmidt’s only break from her summer season preparation and her 500 days till Paris Olympics countdown. She also appeared on the runway in the BOSS Miami Fashion Show this week.

As a brand ambassador with her own BOSS collection, it makes sense that she would be making an appearance in the show to support the brand. So does squeezing in 10 hours for a photo shoot.

World's Sexiest Athlete Alica Schmidt Towel Selfie
10 hours in the books (Image Credit: Alica Schmidt/Instagram)
World's Sexiest Athlete Alica Schmidt Towel Selfie
Time for a mini-vacation (Image Credit: Alica Schmidt/Instagram)

Runner, Model, Towel Selfie Taker, Is There Anything Alica Schmidt Can’t Do?

Following the shoot, Schmidt had a day and a half of vacation ahead of her before she had to get back on her track and field grind.

The athlete/model schedule can be hectic at times. You have to make sure it’s not all work, no play. It appears as if she’s figured out how to juggle both professions.

Has Schmidt turned the corner on only wanting to be known as an athlete? It’s hard to tell. She’s, obviously, an athlete first, but there’s no reason she can’t be known as an athlete and a model.

She’s without a doubt figured out how to embrace both worlds on Instagram. Whether or not she does so in interviews isn’t going to have much of an impact on that and that’s were the eyeballs are.

Written by Sean Joseph

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