Alex Smith Shares Heartbreaking News About His Daughter

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Retired NFL quarterback Alex Smith took to social media Saturday to share heartbreaking news about his youngest child, Sloane Kenzington Smith.

Smith explained that on May 10 they rushed their daughter to the hospital with “stroke-like symptoms.”

An MRI revealed that Sloane had a very large brain tumor. Doctors told the Smiths they needed to perform an emergency craniotomy. The surgery lasted 10 hours, which Smith described as “the most excruciating time of our lives.”

The good news is the neurosurgeons at Stanford Children’s removed 100 percent of the tumor. The former NFL QB also said Sloane has bounced back from the procedure “like a rockstar” and hasn’t skipped a beat.

The tumor is a very rare malignant tumor

Despite how well the surgery went, and the fact that the tumor was completely removed, there’s an unknown path ahead. It turns out the tumor is a very rare malignant tumor with very few documented cases.

The fact that there are so few documented cases makes the treatment going forward difficult. The Smiths will be consulting with the best doctors in this field to come up with a treatment plan.

They also that the most important thing right now is Sloane and it sounds like they plan to spend plenty of time focused on her.

“All we know is what is most important—and that’s SLOANE. She has healed from surgery. Back to her bubbly self. Singing, dancing, laughing and feeling good.”

I normally try to keep things light, but the Smith family has been through a lot the past few years and they could use some positive energy sent their way.

So let’s all send some positivity the Smiths’ way. And I’ll get back to the regularly scheduled program.

Written by Sean Joseph


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