Alex Murdaugh’s First Post-Conviction Prison Call To Son Buster Lasts Only 40 Seconds

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A South Carolina court convicted Alex Murdaugh on two counts of murder in March for the deaths of his wife, Maggine, and son, Paul.

Murdaugh spoke to his son, Buster, in May for the first time after his conviction.

FitsNews obtained audio of the call and released the transcript this week:

“Hey, buddy,” Murdaugh said from the McCormick Correctional Institution on May 16

Buster: “Hey I don’t have a whole of time I just boarded a ferry to go back to Hilton Head Island from Daufuskie (Island).

Murdaugh: “Yeah I know, I – I been trying to call – I was supposed to call you while you were with Jim [my defense attorney], um, about this meeting. But anyway, how about text him and let him know I’m trying to call him?”

Buster: “Mm-kay.”

Murdaugh: “Did he talk to you about that – about the thing (line crackles) that I told him?”

Buster: “No, I can’t really understand you either.”

Murdaugh” “Alright, alright … I’m gone, um, I’m going to leave word with Jim, and he’ll be in touch with you.”

Murdaugh: “Love you.”

Buster: “Alright, love you, too.”

Murdaugh: “Proud of you.”

Buster: “Thanks.”

And then Buster hung up the call, after 42 seconds.

Via Fox News: Buster Murdaugh, left, arrives for his father’s double murder trial in South Carolina. Alex Murdaugh, right, is sentenced to two life terms March 3, 2023, for the murder of his wife, Maggie, and his son, Paul, center. (Mark Sims for Fox News Digital/ Andrew J. Whitaker for The Post and Courier via Pool/ Facebook )

Murdaugh maintains he’s innocent and is appealing the verdict.

But does Buster believe him? Does he believe someone else killed his mother and brother?

It’s hard to tell Buster’s feelings toward his father from the call.

It would seem if he thought his father was innocent he’d make time to chat with him for at least a minute or ask how he is doing in prison.

Was he so busy that he had to rush off the phone after speaking to his father for the first time in months?

It would seem unlikely. That said, Fox News Digital says that the call occurred around the time Buster was filming an interview for Fox Nation’s upcoming documentary on the Murdaugh family.


Fox Nation’s upcoming documentary The Fall of the House of Murdaugh premiering on Tuesday, September 12.

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