Alec Baldwin To Still Star In ‘Rust’ Despite Manslaughter Charge

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Alec Baldwin will remain the star of the film “Rust” despite facing involuntary manslaughter charges for the death of a crew member on the film’s set.

The film plans to resume production soon, after questions if the studio would complete the project in the face of tragedy, says Rust Movie Productions lawyer Melina Spadone.

Baldwin accidentally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins to death in October 2021. He continues to insist he didn’t pull the trigger.

Last week, the New Mexico First Judicial District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies announced the manslaughter charges against Baldwin.

Baldwin continuing as the star of the film seemed unlikely a year ago. As did even completing production.

The on-set shooting of Hutchins will forever overshadow the “Rust” brand. Every review of the film will begin with the news that Baldwin killed a woman while filming.

Its release will serve as a constant reminder that negligence took place on set, resulting in the firing of live bullets.

That said, the completion of the film could be in the best financial interest of Hutchins’s widow, Matt. Her husband took on the role as an executive producer in October as part of a wrongful death lawsuit he settled with Alec Baldwin and “Rust” producers for an undisclosed amount.

Still, public figures see their careers fall by the wayside for far less than shooting someone. Actors, musicians, and television personalities have lost gigs for thought-crimes and other often baseless accusations of racism.

Yet here’s Alec Baldwin resuming his role as lead in the very film in which he killed a woman while shooting — no pun intended — production.

Cancel culture didn’t come for Alec.

But remember, Baldwin is the true victim of the incident. He must now live in fear that a Trump supporter might shoot him for shooting a woman dead.

He said so himself:

Given Baldwin’s declining skills as an actor, “Rust” could have found a better lead.

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