Alcantara is at Plus Money Again, Let’s Ride.

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I don’t know about you guys, but for me, the next win I have will feel very special. This is definitely my best betting year for baseball, and while we’ve had some impressive runs in other sports, I am pleasantly surprised about how well this season has gone. The next win, which I feel is this article, is win number 200 on the season.

Here’s the situation: You can back the guy that has a 4.26 ERA and a significantly better team around him, or take the guy with a 1.92 ERA and a minor league-level roster around him. Obviously, the team approach has some benefits, but I’m taking the Cy Young in the National League.

Sandy Alcantara, holder of the aforementioned 1.92 ERA is taking on the Dodgers. Alcantara has been throwing up zeros all season, and even when he has to face the Dodgers, I don’t see it stopping. Can Alcantara be hit and allow runs today? Absolutely, and if he was facing almost any other pitcher in the Dodgers rotation, I probably wouldn’t consider playing this. He’s pitched mostly against the NL East, as you’d expect, and the Phillies and Mets, both of whom have good rosters, have performed pretty well against him. But, again, we find ourselves with the best pitcher in the league getting plus money just to win a game.

My other reason I am taking the Marlins here is that Ryan Pepiot has been an acceptable pitcher for the Dodgers, but he hasn’t been great. He comes into the game only having completed five innings once in his short career. In every game, except his first, he allowed runs. He has control issues, so if the Marlins are even a little patient, they should get runners on and have at least a chance to score. In his 25 innings, Pepiot has issued 20 walks. That’s an alarming number that is balanced across starts, so it isn’t that one start is drastically skewing it.

The Dodgers are the better team, but we are taking the Marlins and the better pitcher. I would normally recommend doing this in the first five innings (still +100 if you want it), but Alcantara has been pitching into the eighth inning regularly, and I want that extra 45 cents. I’m playing Marlins moneyline at +145.

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Written by David Troy

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