Alcantara Can’t Be That Bad Twice in a Row, Right?

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Dodgers vs. Marlins, 6:10 ET

Sometimes bets go the exact way you’ll think they will go and you cash. Other times, they go the way you expect and you get crushed at the last second (that’s happened a few times this week, unfortunately). Then, sometimes, you get the game completely wrong. Sandy Alcantara taking on the Dodgers in his last start was one I was way off on. Do we go back to it again?

Dustin May is back in the Dodgers rotation. His first outing of the season? Oh, it just happened to come against these Marlins and we saw him turn in five quality innings where he allowed just one hit. The Marlins aren’t exactly a offensive juggernaut, but the outing was still impressive from May. He struck out nine hitters and threw only 71 pitches. Considering the Marlins have just three hits in 22 at-bats against May in their collective appearances against him, there is very little hope for them today.

The hope they do have, though rests on the right arm of Sandy Alcantara. While Alcantara has been great, he was absolutely terrible in his last start. That last start was, you guessed it, against the Dodgers. In his last two road starts, he has allowed 10 earned runs. There might be a benefit to the change of scenery as the home starts have been amazing all year. Alcantara at home has posted a 1.67 ERA and if you take out the teams that start with an “M” (Mets and Mariners) he has allowed just three earned runs on the year in Miami.

Maybe it will be a disaster again and the Dodgers will crush Alcantara. Is it possible that his great season has been the result of a solid schedule that allowed him to pitch to weaker opponents? Probably not. I think it was just one bad starts and he rebounds. I’m taking the under 6.5.

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Written by David Troy

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