Albert Breer Breaks Down Wentz To Indy, Jalen Hurts’ Situation In Philly & How A New NFL TV Deal Could Impact 2021

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Albert Breer, the Sports Illustrated MMQB writer, who is one of the good guy blue checkmarks out there, opened up the floodgates during his Monday appearance with Clay on OutKick to cover an incredible amount of NFL information during a 20-minute conversation. He discussed the situation in Philadelphia where Carson Wentz has been dealt to Indianapolis and what the Eagles will do at quarterback in a division that remains up for grabs.

Breer gets rolling at the 12:00 mark and doesn’t stop until Clay has peppered him with 8-10 topics. Enjoy.

Carson Wentz: 

“I think things had just gotten rotten between him and the Eagles. I think part of it is the Eagles’ undoing in that they propped him up as if he’d won that Super Bowl, even though he didn’t. I think for a multitude of reasons that caused things to go the wrong way. He didn’t relate with everybody in the locker room as Nick Foles was able to relate to people in the locker room.”

Breer notes that guys who may have been Wentz’s allies initially weren’t allies in the end. Doug Pederson had been an ally but drafting Jalen Hurts broke the trust Wentz had in the organization, according to Breer. “That kinda blindsided him,” Breer said. 

  • After Wentz was benched in Week 13, Pederson and Wentz only communicated via text. When Wentz asked out of Philly, “there was no running this back” for the Eagles. “If Carson Wentz was going to get fixed, it simply wasn’t going to happen in Philadelphia.” 
  • “If I’m the Colts, the one concern I’d have is, ‘Is this RG3?’” Breer says about Wentz coming in.
  • Indianapolis is the best place for Wentz to go to revive his career because of Colts head coach Frank Reich. 

Broncos/Deshaun Watson:

“I think if he’s going to become available, it’ll be closer to the Draft. I don’t think it matters when they move him, they’re going to get a good return for him.” 

  • The Dolphins, Jets and Broncos have resources — top ten picks — to give up this year to get Watson. 

On Zack Wilson from BYU:

“He could be the No. 2 overall pick, but he’s not an overwhelming consensus No. 2.” The Jets aren’t in a rush to move Darnold as they “hold Fields, Wilson and (Trey) Lance up against (Sam) Darnold.”

  • Because of the NFL’s offseason COVID rules, the Jets will have one chance to watch each throw live. 

Cowboys and Dak:

“I think they tag him, and from there, they do everything they possibly can to negotiate a long-term deal.” Breer thinks Dak has all the leverage because if they tag him again in 2022, it will cost them over $52 million. “Dak can look at it as, ‘You tag me at $37 million this year and I’m a free agent at 28 next year, or you’re giving me $52 million.’

“Because they’ve waited this long, Dak’s probably not going to cut them any breaks.” 

On NFL teams and their 2021 Draft strategy:

Thinks teams will be more risk-averse because there won’t be the chance to bring guys in and be face-to-face with potential picks. “Say a guy has a serious discipline problem in his past or was arrested. Are you going to be able to get comfortable enough with a guy over a Zoom call? I think because of that, teams are going to be more risk-averse.”

  • Teams will be more risk-averse with guys who had injury concerns because teams won’t be allowed to bring those guys in to have doctors examine their previous injuries. 
  • “There are teams that might be looking to bail out of this year’s draft altogether” by trading this year’s 1st round pick for a 2022 1st round pick because they’re not comfortable with this year’s draft class. 

Odds & Ends: 

Keep an eye on March 18 for a new TV deal. If it gets done, the NFL salary cap will go up. If it doesn’t, Albert believes teams will be looking at a $180 million cap for 2021.

  • Breer says player contracts have been written with forward expansion of the salary cap in mind. If it’s lowered to $180 million, it could cause a flood of veterans being cut.
  • Free agents could pay the price if veterans flood the market. “It’s going to be really hard for anybody who is around the middle class to get any sort of good deal.” Expect many guys to sign one-year deals and to pin their hopes on signing a big contract in 2022. 

On North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance: 

“I heard a little Dak Prescott comparison. Physically, he has everything you want. By all accounts, he’s a really, really good kid. His tools are really, really good.”

Jalen Hurts:

“I have it on good authority that they’re going to go through all the paces with the quarterbacks. If you’re in a position to draft a guy who you think can be your franchise quarterback for the next 15 years and you’re sitting there with the No. 6 pick, you gotta do it.

“If it makes it awkward for Jalen Hurts, then so be it.”

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