Alabama Will Look for Revenge

Mississippi State vs. Alabama, 7 ET

The goal posts from last game are no longer in the stadium. After a reported $100,000 in damages after Tennessee’s upset win over Alabama, we are now back to another week of football. They have to be looking to destroy whoever is in their path, right?

Mississippi State doesn’t want to be the team that sits there and gets killed by a pissed off Alabama team. They’ve done admirably this season with a 5-2 record. Most of their offense is built off of their passing game with quarterback Will Rogers throwing for over 2,300 yards on the season and 23 touchdowns. This is a very real, and solid offensive team for Mississippi State. Their two losses this season were both on the road and they couldn’t muster 20 points in either game. When they win, they score 40 points. They aren’t going to put up 40 points on Alabama. The one thing that Mississippi State has going for them that might give them a chance is that the secondary of Alabama can be beat – as we saw last week. They want Rogers to throw as much as possible, so maybe there is a chance to keep it close.

Alabama is not in the top four of the country any longer. That doesn’t mean they won’t make the College Football Playoff, but I do see it being somewhat unlikely they make the SEC Championship game. Yes, they lost last week, and yes they probably were due for a loss after not looking great in multiple games. How can they rebound in this one? Honestly, it shouldn’t be too hard for them. Their offense is still playing well, but their defense needs to figure it out. If they can stop Rogers in this game that should give them a confidence boost after falling apart against Tennessee. Coincidentally enough, after Alabama lost to Texas A&M last season, they played Mississippi State and won by 40 points. We could be looking at a similar situation.

I think Alabama probably destroys Mississippi State, but I expect them to come out in the first half with a lot of vengeance. I’m going to take Alabama in the first half -13.

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Written by David Troy

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