Alabama Fans Appear To Shout Racist Comments At Texas Players, Parents Allegedly Spit On

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A group of Alabama fans appeared to shout racist remarks at Texas players during the team’s Saturday loss.

A troubling video surfaced Sunday night of four Texas players on the team’s sideline being harassed and shouted at in disturbing fashion by fans that were presumably cheering for Alabama.

Warning: some might find the language below disturbing.

An unidentified male could be heard in the video shouting, “You’re a f*cking f*ggot. You guys are all f*ggots. Go back back to the projects, f*ggot. Go back to the projects.” Other people near the recording were also shouting at the players, but the loud unidentified male seemed to be leading the charge.

None of the Texas players appeared to say anything in return, but simply danced and threw up the horns.

Mother of Texas player reacts to Alabama fans making racist remarks.

Angie Wisner, whose son Trey was on the sideline, reacted to the disgusting comments and tweeted, “The fact my son down there and they saying go back to the projects really just saddens my heart that as his mother no matter how old he had to listen to that!”

She also claimed parents of Texas players were spit on and hit with beer cans.

She also tweeted that what Texas parents experienced was “disrespectful” and “disgraceful.”

I spoke with Angie early Monday morning, and made it clear she was disturbed by what she watched unfold. She told OutKick Texas parents were seated right next to Alabama students, and that the spitting they endured “was a nightmare.”

She also said they were told “don’t forget where you belong” during heated exchanges that almost escalated to fights two different times. A photo shown to me shows a police officer near the parents, but Angie said there wasn’t much that could be done because it was hard to pinpoint where the issue was stemming from. Two students were ultimately removed, according to Angie.

“A little rivalry fun is ok! Loving and having pride in your team is ok! But at the end of it all making a situation unsafe for other people is not ok! We deserved to watch our kids Kick Bama ASS safely,” Angie told me.

The comments made towards Texas players were appalling.

While heckling and trash talking is part of sports, there’s no room for comments of this nature, especially the part about going “back to the projects.”

That’s the kind of rhetoric that simply has no place at a sporting event. It’s disgusting and shouldn’t be tolerated.

It’s also incredibly important to note a small group of idiots doesn’t represent the vast majority of Alabama fans. There’s no doubt the overwhelming majority of Crimson Tide fans – just like every fan base – is full of great Americans who wouldn’t ever dream of saying things of this nature. Unfortunately, the fan base’s reputation is tarnished because of these morons.

Video appears to show Alabama fans shouting racist comments at Texas players. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

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  1. Huge Texas fan and Bama hater here. That said, Those comments are homophobic and bigoted, while saying “projects” is a little bit of stretch for being racist. Disgusting and totally expected from some of the trash that exists at Bama and other SEC schools (and a lot of other D1 schools). Being an alum of one Big Ten school and having 2 kids at another, Ohio State comes to mind. Most (not all) schools have fans that are gutter trash. Listening to a Sunday morning call-in show, I did hear a number of very gracious Bama fans. Nonetheless, sad and pathetic.

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