Alabama Star Brandon Miller Removes Divisive ‘Pat-Down’ Twitter Image After OutKick Inquiry

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Alabama is once again reading the room a day too late regarding the fragile situation involving star freshman basketball player Brandon Miller.

Miller, who has been cited as a witness in the fatal shooting of a mother in Tuscaloosa, changed his Twitter banner early Sunday after OutKick noticed the image was Miller being frisked. Our organization contacted Alabama, asking if the school approved of the Twitter photo. Alabama did not respond to that inquiry, but hours later the controversial “pat-down” image was replaced.

OutKick reached out to Alabama again, asking if Miller was asked or instructed to remove the previous image after the inquiry from OutKick. No response was provided.

Miller, Alabama Continue To Deliver Bad Optics Re: Murder Case

The previous image used by Miller was received in poor taste as it showed him getting frisked for a weapon. Miller performed this pre-game routine all season, but in the current context, the routine was seen as tone-deaf.

To the ire of many, Miller performed his pre-game pat down on Saturday, ahead of Alabama’s 86-83 win over Arkansas.

Previous Twitter banner (as relayed by OutKick’s David Hookstead)

Miler’s new Twitter banner shows an animated version of Miller performing what is believed to be the Crimson Crane. He is also sporting a jersey that reads “Blessed.”

New Twitter banner (@Brandmillerr)

After the game, Alabama coach Nate Oats was asked whether the pre-game routine could be seen as calloused and responded that Miller would not be allowed to do it moving forward.

“It’s not appropriate. It’s been addressed and I can assure you it definitely will not happen again for the remainder of this year,” Oats said, as reported by OutKick’s David Hookstead.

Even As A Witness, Miller Should Be Held To A High Standard

Some saw the deliberate pat-down on Saturday as a slight at people accusing him of being involved in the murder of Jamea Jonae Harris on Feb. 15 after he delivered a weapon to former Crimson Tide teammate Darius Miles and his partner, Michael Lynn Davis. Miles and Davis allegedly shot Harris down after an argument.

Miller received a text from Miles requesting the weapon, and the freshman delivered it.

As Hookstead noted in his breakdown of Miller’s defense, the star player has not been accused of breaking the law by delivering the weapon to the crime scene, but Alabama is failing to uphold a respectable standard by failing to hold the player accountable for what was blatantly an error by Miller.

Jamea Jonae Harris, 23, with 5-year-old son, Kaine.  (credit: Harris family)

Alabama Makes Executive Decision To Keep Star Player Active

For many, the rationale behind Alabama’s botched handling of the situation has been straightforward. A program with a chance to make a deep run in March is operating in its best interest by defending its best player.

While it has not been concluded that Miller intended to deliver the weapon to Miles and his partner to murder Jamea Jonae Harris, the program has been reckless in terms of the optics.

Nate Oats already talked back several points from his press conference where he seemingly pardoned Miller purely based on the 20-year-old’s testimony.


Harris’ Parents Want More Common Sense From Alabama

After the team allowed Miller to play Wednesday against South Carolina, where he scored a career-high 41 points, Jamea Jonae Harris’ parents spoke out against the decision. They called it a blind spot for Alabama.

Harris’ mother and stepfather also called out Oat’s recklessness in absolving Miller amid the ongoing investigation.

The situation involving the deceased mother of one has demanded more sensitivity from Alabama and Miller. Neither has delivered on this front.

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