Alabama Man Arrested After Vols Game For Blasting His Neighbor’s House With Shotgun

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How do I know Alabama fans are back?

Because Alabama man Ricky Franks Jr. of Florence, Alabama opened fire (allegedly) on his neighbor’s house after Tennesee pulled off the upset to beat Bama for the first time since 2006.

According to a report, the Florence Police Department was called on Franks AFTER the game. Ricky allegedly got into an argument with the neighbor about the game only to return home to get his shotgun and then open fire.

Alabama fan shoots gun at Tennessee fan neighbor house
Alabama fan Ricky Franks Jr. was arrested Saturday after shooting at his neighbor’s house. / WAFF / Lauderdale County Jail

The good news here is that Ricky didn’t hit anyone with his shotgun spray, but, it resulted in a trip to the Lauderdale County Jail where Bama man posed for a mugshot and was released on a $30,000 bond.

Now, here’s where you’re probably thinking this was a Bama fan fighting with a Vols fan and that’s the odds-on-favorite to be the full story. But, this is SEC country — about 20 miles south of the Tennessee line — and we could always have an argument between a Bama fan who’s triggered by an Auburn fan riding Ricky over the loss.

Alabama man Ricky Franks Jr. poses for his mugshot after shooting a neighbor's house over the Alabama-Tennessee game outcome
Alabama man Ricky Franks Jr. poses for his mugshot after shooting a neighbor’s house over the Alabama-Tennessee game outcome. / Lauderdale County Jail

Who knows what’s going to set off an Alabama fan? There have been Bama fans blasted by police tasers at airports. We’ve had Alabama fans sleeping inside stadium press boxes eating chicken fingers and doing meth.

But the likely story at the end of the day most likely included Ricky pumping that shotgun, pulling the trigger and yelling “Roll Tide motherf–ker!”

Bank on it.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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