Alabama Is a Juggernaut But Enough of Notre Dame In This Spot Already

Alabama choked out Notre Dame 31-14 The game was much more distant than the final score, as Alabama took their foot off the gas about midway through the second quarter and Notre Dame added a touchdown with under a minute to go to secure a wildly undeserved cover.

Devonta Smith, the Heisman favorite, had seven catches for 130 yards and three touchdowns. It felt like anytime they threw him the ball they could’ve gotten a big gainer. Nick Saban has done such a remarkable job at Alabama that it’s honestly boring to talk about at this point. Just look at the receivers they’ve had the past two years:

And look at this 2017 recruiting class:

It feels like we’ve all said this many times, but enough with Notre Dame in this spot already. They always get their teeth kicked in. Their last time in the playoff, two years ago against Clemson, they lost 30-3. When they played Alabama in the national title game in 2013, Alabama won 42-14. I understand that this was a season where if they picked Cincinnati or Texas A&M the same thing would’ve happened, but at least it would’ve been against someone new.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. Agreed. Texas A & M would have been much better choice. Do the Notre Dame fans (which is the justification for having them in the spot) actually enjoy seeing their squad get the snot beat out them every time?

  2. I think Oklahoma was the 4th (maybe 3rd) best team in the country by the end of the season. Their defense was stout late in the year. It sucks they blew that lead early in the year to K-State. I may be a little biased.

    • Agreed. No one in the playoffs would have wanted to face Oklahoma at the end of the season. If only major college football had real playoffs like every other sport in America we could have watched this. I am biased too as I am a WVU and Big 12 fan but I think it is objectively true.

  3. Notre Dame could not stop Alabama and that is a fact. Who has this year? Perhaps we have forgotten what LSU did to Oklahoma last year. Had Notre Dame converted on that fourth down in the second quarter and then the field goal at the end of the half it could have been a game. I know if’s and but’s. With the talent Alabama has on offense there is no room for error. Not to make excuses but all SEC teams hold the opponent’s receivers on every pass pattern. That strategy is coached and they want the officials to make a call and then everyone yells “let ’em play.”(with a southern drawl!!) Interference is interference. Alabama has the greatest set of receivers in the game. Mac Jones is way under rated for the draft. He is a cool customer. The championship game will be one of the best we have seen.

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