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When you lose faith in the American spirit, I want you to reference this video to remember that the United States still has its soul despite what the news wants you to believe

This is some real American ingenuity right here. Who can beat what Mig’s buddy has created in his garage? I want to see all sorts of stuff American brains have built in their garages and man caves. I want to see the genius that is running through the blood of all Americans.

Remember, if it bleeds, it leads on the nightly news. At Screencaps, if it’s genius, it leads.


Big cucumbers & tomatoes

• Jim M. isn’t impressed by the new world record cucumber that appeared last week in Screencaps:

Dive hotel stories

• Those of you following me on Twitter might notice how I interact with @tkcaddie, who is known to stay in some of the seediest hotels in this country to save money and gather content while serving as a caddie across multiple levels of professional golf. The guy does his best Internet content while visiting some of the worst neighborhoods where he spots the oddities that turn into incredible art.

Over the weekend, he was in Dayton working the Women’s Senior U.S. Open.

Bill L. took notice and shared his very own dive hotel story:

Saw your response to Tim who occasionally stays in hotels that could possibly charge by the hour. Brought back memories of when a fraternity brother got married 23yrs ago. 

Location: Naugatuck, CT
Lodging: The Naugatuck Motor Lodge

We got into town at about 2am and got the only room available. It was the honeymoon suite complete with mirrored ceiling and a hot tub. Not exactly the perfect accommodations for 4 college guys, but we were exhausted from a long day traveling. We find out the next day as we’re getting ready to head in to Manhattan for the day that there was a switch on the back of the TV.

Switch it one way you get HBO, the other way was free porn. The groom verified that it wasn’t a pay-per-view situation. We found out from relatives of the bride that in fact you could rent rooms by the hour. But every August when their wedding anniversary comes around, memories of a great trip come back. They now reside in Ohio and love fishing on Lake Erie. 

Have a great day Joe. 

Tipping is still a hot subject

• Dana B. in Indiana writes:

During the lockdown, we tipped at every drive-thru, carry-out, or dine-in. Before they began paying $18-$20/hr, people were working those jobs for far less. We appreciated their effort, especially if they were pleasant and helpful. For example: We called in and picked up a big order at a Mexican Restaurant.

The guy answering the phone and taking orders, was ALSO the bartender. However, because of “Social Distancing”, NO ONE COULD BELLY UP TO THE BAR. So, the bartender was not making ANY of his usual tips, which was part of his usual income. So, when we picked up our order, he had it all bagged up nicely, so we tipped him $25. He CRIED when he said, “Thank you. It’s so hard to make good money right now. I appreciate this so much”. This guy was doing several jobs, and carry-out is a pain. We APPRECIATED his service, and tipped accordingly.

I waitressed for 25 years. My mother did, too. It is a very difficult job. We really counted on tips, as we were paid $2.01/hr. This is a whole other argument.

One other sidenote: During lockdowns, the Restaurant costs went up even more because packaging and bagging all the meals is an extra expense, as well.

However, at no point do we tip for poor service, or unfriendly staff. No one should be forced, but one should also understand the dynamics of the Service Industry. Good service in ANY Restaurant, Store, or otherwise is getting harder to find. 

The expected gratuity thing is off-putting, for sure. You do a good job, we will tip you. You don’t TELL us what to tip. 

Believe me, I have a ton of “behind the scenes” stories from 50 combined years of waitressing between my Mom and I! ( Gene Keady, Bob Knight, Big Show, Undertaker, Motley Crue, etc) Good waitresses make it look easy, but it is very tough work. Value good service!! Tip accordingly.

Spotted in Ohio

• Dana B. in Indiana had a busy weekend in the inbox. She spotted this gem and knew exactly which website needed to see it. Dana writes:

Doc stopped for popcorn!

I’m going to hear about this one from resident college football ref Michael F.

• Dave writes:

I appreciate what you do and thought you’d find this funny. 

Here’s what I’ll say about Saturday’s game: It was great to have a competitive football game on while swimming, drinking on the patio, and enjoying a beautiful summer afternoon. I’m happy Northwestern won because my childhood friend, Jay Hooten, is the football program’s strength and conditioning coach. To this day it’s still amazing to think of the road he took to end up in charge of that school’s weight room.

No, the strength coach isn’t the guy who wears short-sleeve Under Armour gear in December.

Speaking of enjoying Saturday

• John L. in Bovina Center, NY was fired up after Saturday Screencaps:

Finally an IG girl (Hilde) without a big ass

Per your Saturday comment, I always read the column all the way through–easily spending several minutes.  The content demands it.

Again on tipping, I do not use a charge card for all those small coffee, etc. purchases, hence I am never faced with the tip screen.

Thanks for always promoting what’s good about America.

I’m wondering what your readers think about the new student loan forgiveness program?  They don’t strike me as the types who will borrow money and not repay it.  Nor as folks who will borrow more than they can reasonably afford to pay back.  I think it is insane to go in debt for six figures in pursuit of an undergraduate degree!  If necessary, do your first two years at a community college.  Or attend one of your in-state colleges.  Sadly, the total cost of my four years at Duke over 40 years ago is now less than the price of one semester in Durham.

Happy Saturday.

I have an email from a reader on the loan forgiveness thing, but I wanted to let the emotions simmer down so we can address this in Screencaps fashion. I will lead out with that email tomorrow and we can address it in common man fashion. Stay tuned for that.

Tractor pulls

• Glyn thinks you guys will appreciate this one:


• Mike T. & Cindy T. in Idaho have big news to share. Grandson Teddy is here!

And that should do it this morning. It’s Monday. You need to get to meetings. I have my Zoom. We need to get this week rolling because it’s going to be a short one. I know you executive vice presidents will take off Friday for that final holiday weekend of the summer to get to those incredible lake houses.

Let’s get after it.


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