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What’s with all the gas stations having trouble with card readers not working?

There I was Friday night at the nearest gas station throwing some $4.75 fuel into the wife’s grocery getter when it happened yet again.

“See cashier.”

I’m serious, this has to be the fifth to sixth time this has happened in the last month at the same gas station. And this is easily the fifth to sixth time it’s been about the gas station’s card reader system going down. This isn’t even a problem exclusive to this one gas station. When it happens, it tends to take out the readers at the Kroger station, the Meijer grocery chain gas station, the BP station, etc.

Then, we go to Costco….and….the card readers are down!

Am I the only one going through this hell over the last month to a month and a half?

Yes, I understand that I should carry some bones around in the wallet and I typically have enough to get a couple of items at Costco, but this was a date night trip to Costco and you know that’s easily heading into the two-bills territory. I like to get those points on the card, fellas.

Someone fill me in on these card reader issues before I go crazy here.


I want to see those flags and you guys celebrating the 4th

Photos are trickling in of the flags in the yards, hanging off the houses, etc. Keep it coming this weekend. Monday morning is the annual 4th of July Screencaps that will hopefully capture the holiday from coast-to-coast. That’s right, I fully expect California to show its patriotism. Someone surprise me and send in a photo of the stars and stripes flying in San Francisco.

*The best 4th of July photo sent in this weekend receives a TNML item from the OutKick store on me.*


I asked if there were any heart surgeons who follow Screencaps:

Brendan G. writes:

My nomination for official ScreenCaps Heart Surgeon (not sure if he’s a ScreenCaps regular, but if you get him to check it out once, he’ll almost certainly join the club). Perfect for Independence Day (read his bio).

To top it off, Mark’s older brother is a US Army Surgeon stationed at Fort Bragg (soon to be Fort Liberty). The Hardin family of Little Rock, AR knows how to raise Americans. P.S. The family loves the Razorbacks. Mark and my annual phone call occurs on the morning of the Texas A&M vs. Arkansas Football game.

More mosquito chatter

• Josh M. writes:

I saw the Screencaps about Tim’s problem with mosquitos. I live in the piney woods of east texas. My house is within 200 ft of a creek and on a dead-end street with woods on two sides. I used to see mosquitos all the time during the summer, then about 3 years ago I put a spartan mosquito up. Now I might see or hear one a month, as long as I replace the tube on time. Cost 24 dollars for two tubes.

All you need is to find a tree about 80ft from the house or yard to hang from. 

• CS says this mosquito contraption should do the trick:

Attack of the robots

• Beau in Toledo is visiting his father and saw this thing:

Seen at Keith Hills on Campbell University Friday...
I'm allowed to kill it, right?!?

Mississippi DOT seems to be a fan of Stranger Things

• Bill C. writes:

Must have worked since the Netflix servers crashed. 

Considering it

• Mark W. writes:

I think I have a year of college eligibility left. May have to use it if I can wear these bad boys!

Beers, blondes, TNML

• Stephen in Walla Walla, WA writes:

I’m somewhat new to Screencaps and the Thursday Night Mowing League. The picture below came in my email recently, and right away it made me think of the TNML. Our local Burwood Brewery came out with a beer that seems almost made for the league, and is featured at local pubs. At least the picture is great! A green riding lawn mower, beer and a blonde. What isn’t there to enjoy!

Thanks for Screencaps!

And with that, Saturday Screencaps Lite is officially in the books. I know there are several emails that are piling up and we’ll get to them. Next week, I’m expecting things to be very quiet as readers relax on vacations and the sports world takes its annual summer nap.

Enjoy the weekend. I’m off to fix breakfast and get the patio dialed in for the holiday festivities. Don’t forget, there will be a fresh 4th of July edition of Screencaps. See you then!


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