Alabama Grad Katrina Pacensa Celebrates 100k Milestone, Trevor Lawrence Feeds His Wife & This DI Ump Wouldn’t Get Along With Clay Travis

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I recharged the batteries this weekend

Let the record reflect that I just completed my first full weekend — two straight days without some sort of work — off since last summer and I couldn’t feel more recharged. I’m at 110% of charge right now. I’m like a Tesla ready to drive 320 miles straight before my next fill-up. Full battery. Ready to crush another week of June content — historically the slowest month for traffic on the Internet.

But there’s awesome news on the content front:

First, we have the OutKick360 crew tracking down the travel ball umpire who kicked Clay out of a game over Memorial Day weekend. That interview drops later today on 360, so you’ll want to be listening at 4:20 ET as the umpire has his say in this war with Clay. This is summer content at its best.

Second, there’s huge Instagram news out of Florida where Alabama grad Katrina Pacensa has officially crossed the 100k IG follower mark and she marked the occasion by giving OutKick a shoutout.

“100 thousand of y’all 🥰 So crazy. I’m so thankful for all of you and your messages make my day!! Love you guys xo 💗 *ps probably couldn’t do this without @outkickthecoverage,” Katrina wrote Sunday.

Now it feels like I have no choice but to slide into Katrina’s DMs to see if we can’t crank out some summer content. This is going to force me to put on my content-creation hat.

Stay tuned on that front.

And finally, I received a gear shipment from Hooters who was nice enough to get involved in some branded Screencaps content for my upcoming Michigan golf trip. The seven other teams are in big trouble if they think they’re going to out-content my scramble team in 16 days.

It’s summer, let’s have some fun here. Let that negative energy leave your body. We don’t get many of these summers in our lives, so don’t let them slip by with regret.

Saturday night on the patio with the kids. Thanks to the bird for taking the massive dump on our firepit table:

Speaking of fun…

• Sam L. writes:

Sunday. Lake Allatoona. Def Leppard on speakers. UGA is still the National Champs.  


America is fun.

Fun in Savannah, GA

• Louie in Savannah is back after weeks of coaching his kid’s baseball team:

Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Turbo is always down for some backyard, patio fetch. 365 days a year.

Please don’t judge the grass.

It’s all wild grass in the backyard which normally has been pretty resilient but with the dry spring and our first year with Turbo running and peeing all over the yard, the grass is failing.

I don’t stress it though, he’s having fun and my boys have plenty of space to play catch.

If only every day could be like today….

Stay safe.

Thank you for being ‘Fair & Balanced’

• Chris B. in Houston, who roasted Clay over his travel ball f-bomb ejection, writes:

I love how ‘fair & balanced’ you are.  Not many websites would have posted my grumpy rebuke of the head honcho.  Keep up the great work.


Listen, Clay always preaches that if you’re going to have a take, defend it. I think the travel ball dads and umpires that have reached out to vent on Clay have done so with vigor and conviction.

Speaking of conviction…

• John in Utah is fired up over Clay’s behavior and the Mormon swinger who made headlines last week:

Who is more of an attention whore these days? The Mormon skank tiktoker or clay Travis? Both are embarrassing. Come on Clay. I have 3 boys playing travel ball. Keep your mouth shut and move on. You certainly don’t need to make it a national story and talk about all over the interwebs.

I talked to my FIL who is in the semiconductor biz today. They can’t buy an employee. So where does one think we are getting cream of the crop umpires? We don’t. Give a guy some credit for trying to earn a buck and keep your head down and watch the game quietly.

You’ve already hit the jackpot in life. It couldn’t be fair if your kid went to the bigs too! Doubt he is so chill out. Have a Busch Latte and pipe down. As for the Mormon skank, give me a break. You’re giving us Mormons a bad name. I’m an honest guy who tries his best to get my boy to mow on Thursdays and earn those gloves, bats and cleats. I sit on the patio, watch some sports, and only drink an occasional Pepsi. There ain’t no pineapple decor on my porch.

Just good ole monogamy. She is hot, but makes a mockery of my religion. Keep up the good work on screencaps, and I’ll keep my vices to a minimum of checking out the babes of the day.


I love the conviction with which John lets Clay have it. Great point about the semiconductor biz vs. finding umpires. Does this country even have the engineers needed to program robot umpires? Let that question swirl around in your head today…before you tune in at 4:20 ET to OutKick360 for their interview with Clay’s ejection umpire.

TNML from small-town New York

• John L. writes:

Dear Joe,

Greetings from Bovina Center, New York–population about 600 people.  We are on the western side of the Catskill Mountains.  The town was settled in 1820.

The stone fence in the photo is over 100 years old, and the apple tree at least 50.  I use a Stihl electric mower on the grass.  There is a creek on the other side of the fence, which has a bend upstream.  It overflows at that point a few times a year, depositing rich silt in our backyards.

My border collie, Laddie, either walks “the course” with me or supervises from a shady spot.

Afterwards we relax under the lilac trees.  My beverage of choice is a Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic.

I love your columns!


John, if I lived closer, I would stop over to have a drink and enjoy that setting. I know it’s a fun pasttime for people to bash on this part of the country — Bovina Center, New York is 160 miles slightly to the northwest of NYC — but it really is some of the nicest backroads driving I’ve done.

I was in this area of the country one time and came across a town where people rent tubes and float down the river going through town. It’s somewhere from I-88 over to Woodstock, but it’s not Woodstock. John might have to help me out with this one. I loved that area, but it’s been like 20 years and the town name is slipping my mind.

Help me, John.

Weekend ramblings:

• Mike B. in Nashville writes:

Good Morning Commish,

Don’t Blink: I forget who recommended it, but I started writing down things my kids say and do a couple times a week. I couldn’t recommend it enough. Most of the quotes and actions involve my 3 year old saying penis. Whether he’s asking about mine or showing me his.

TNML: after a spring full of Thursday night volleyball games or work travel, I was finally able to get on schedule. Even got my 14 year old on weed eater. She’s a work in progress, but she’ll get there by the end of the summer.

Seltzers: has everyone forgotten about Bud Light Lime? Nothing goes down smoother than a BLL after TNML.

LinkedIn- are the people who work out of a coffee shop the most active LinkedIn users?


I need to look into the numbers, but it feels like the seltzer craze is officially over this summer. Someone fill me in on what the new drink fad is these days.

And Mike is asking the wrong guy about the Linkedin community. I had yet another batch of VPs hitting me up for connections over the weekend. I’m starting to think Linkedin VPs need to crank up the FUN!

Guys, get out of the office a little bit. Turn off the phones besides your Pandora or Spotify accounts.


It’s officially time to get Monday rolling. To get right into the belly of the content beast. Right into the sludge. The filth.

Give ’em hell at work today. I’m officially on a five-day run until my next two days off and a trip to Cedar Point with the kids. Let’s get after it.


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