Clay Travis on Alabama-Georgia Beating Every NBA Finals Game

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Remember last week when the sports media tried to defend the abysmal ratings of the NBA Finals by claiming that every sport is down? They were wrong again.

Alabama-Georgia’s 9.611 million viewers Saturday outrated every single 2020 NBA Finals game.

Clay Travis is turning to Mark Cuban and all the NBA media stans for answers.

Here is the full segment from Clay:


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  1. The Alabama-Georgia college football game is a very different product than the NBA. We tune in to watch college football because it is sport – an athletic event where we want to see who wins the game. The NBA is nothing like that. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it is no longer pure sport. Two very different products.

    • I totally agree the NBA is no longer pure sport. The players are more interested in instagram accounts than their games. They are more interested in joining up with their friends on teams than in competing. On top of all of that the refs completely determine who wins and loses with ridiculous calls at ends of games

  2. It ain’t that complicated the nba sucks with all the chicom loving America and Police hating dummies and the queen saying don’t watch cuban is the worst wouldn’t say one word about the chicoms and their brutal treatment of their citizens. Sports is sports and Americans told the nba to go F themselves and i am one of them.

  3. NBA has become a niche sport. Basketball is worldwide but the NBA is decidedly left wing political and are going with that as a business model. I liked it when it was just about the play, but those days are gone. I get my hoops fix elsewhere.

  4. James Harden said: “We love China.” Have you ever heard NBA players say: “We love the USA.”

    LeBron James said: “Every day we [black men] are hunted by the [U.S.] police. Yet he ripped Daryl Morey for supporting Hong Kong protestors who were being hunted and brutalized by Chinese government soldiers.”

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