Alabama Fan Contemplates Whether He Would Sleep With Nick Saban

 This is why checking the OKTC tips folder is so entertaining — because occasionally you get unexpected emails like this:

“At the Florabama in Orange Beach, AL this weekend, a bama fan told me unprovoked that he would have sex with Nick Saban. I asked him to say it on camera. He does. Below is the video of said bammer musing over what he would and would not do with Nick Saban. Only problem is that the video is really dark.”

This is how much we Southerners love football games. Straight men are willing to say on video they would sleep with top coaches. 

Somehow the lack of clear video makes the video even better. Instead of being able to tell it’s one particular Alabama fan, we can go ahead and assume this guy is speaking for all Bama fans.   

And the fact that it happens on a random April weekend in the Florabama, one of the two best bars on the Gulf Coast — A.J’s in Destin being the other — makes this video perfect. 


First clear response: “I would have sex with Nick Saban.”

Then comes further reflection: “I would either put it in his ass or let him…no, no, I wouldn’t go that far.”

Finally, the decision: “I would definitely see him naked. I wouldn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I’d feel honored.’

Lots of Bama fans are nodding right now. 

One thing we can all be sure of — he would definitely teabag Nick Saban if he was passed out at the Florabama. 


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.