CFB AM: Neil Patrick Harris went undercover as Alabama’s mascot

Neil Patrick Harris has a new television show — yes, he does other things than just guarantee your money back in Heineken commercials — and as a stunt he decided to surprise two Alabama fans. How did he pull that off?

By following them on their vacation, tracking them at an Alabama football game and crashing their wedding without them knowing any of it.

At Alabama-Wisconsin in Week 1, Harris dressed up as Alabama mascot ‘Big Al’ and went on the field during pregame to dance around and have some fun in the crowd. When he sat down next to Teresha and Oronde Hamilton, they had no idea it was someone other than the normal Big Al.

They put the Hamiltons and Harris up on the Jerry World jumbotron for Kiss Cam, and he proceeded to awkwardly straddle them as they had no idea what was going on. At their wedding in Tuscaloosa this summer, Harris photobombed some of their wedding shots and took a taste test of the cake before it left the kitchen.

Harris had the Hamiltons on his show “Best Time Ever” to reveal the stunt. Enjoy the clip at the top — the Big Al part beings at the 1:00 mark.


Vernon Adams has a broken finger. That’s the word on Oregon’s starting QB, apparently. The Ducks don’t comment on injuries, so Mark Helfrich wouldn’t offer any confirmation or explanation on a report that said Adams broke the index finger on his right hand in Week 1 and played through it against Michigan State last week. Offensive coordinator Scott Frost essentially confirmed there’s something up with Adams, though, saying, “We don’t talk about injuries here, but he wasn’t himself during that game. That’s not an excuse. You won’t find one game in college football where there isn’t somebody playing that’s hurt. But that was a big stage for him to be on and not be full speed, and I thought he performed pretty well.”

We’ll find out how much there is to this when Oregon plays Georgia State this weekend. There’s no reason to play Adams in that game if he has a broken finger on his passing hand that could linger and affect him in Pac-12 play. If that’s the case, then this obviously is a bigger story that could alter the Pac-12 race (and it’s also something to monitor if you’re into betting, since Oregon is currently giving up 45.5 points this week).

Does Big Ten have the two best teams? This will surely irritate anyone connected to the SEC, Pac-12 and Big 12, but it’s a fun question worth asking. Ohio State is the undisputed top team in college football as of now, and it’s possible Michigan State is as good as anyone else in the country. Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel kicked this topic around on The Audible this week.

High school player hits opponent with helmet. It hasn’t been a great couple weeks for high school football in the national spotlight. Coming off the John Jay referee scandal, we now have a kid in New Jersey who was suspended from school for 10 days (and two games) for ripping off an opponent’s helmet in a game and hitting him in the head with it. The player was flagged for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty but not ejected because the officials apparently didn’t know exactly what happened — umm, so why did you throw a flag then? — and the player who was hit had to get 10 stitches at the hospital. Here’s the video:


* Here’s the link to my visit this week on the Eric Hasseltine Show in Memphis, talking Texas/Steve Patterson and a bunch of Week 3 stuff.

* Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield is dating a girl who goes to Oklahoma State. “That’s her downfall,” he said. Told you we need more Baker Mayfield!

* One of Auburn’s best defensive players said facing LSU running back Leonard Fournette this week “shouldn’t be that difficult of a challenge.” Buckle up, kid.

* Mack Brown says he’s had “no discussions with anyone about the AD job” at Texas. Yet — because those surely will be had. We’ll see if it actually goes through or not.

* Virginia Tech has an award it gives to the best offensive lineman each week, and that is a custom meat tenderizer. So great.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

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Written by Clay Travis

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