Alabama, Cincinnati Gambling Scandal Linked To Father Of Bearcats Pitcher, Which Led To School Firing Assistants: Report

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The ongoing investigation into Alabama‘s firing of Brad Bohannon for alleged gambling has taken a strange turn. What was once thought to be an investigation into two people, now involves two assistant coaches who were fired by Cincinnati this week.

According to a report from Pat Forde within the last hour, Bert Eugene Neff Jr., of Mooresville, Indiana was the person on the other end of the phone with Brad Bohannon. He was the one placing the bet inside a sportsbook at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Now there’s another layer to this wild story. The report states that the reason Cincinnati fired Kyle Sprague and operations director Andy Nagle this week was because they both knew about Bert Neff placing the bets for the Alabama coach. If you’re wondering how in the world would those two would have a connection to a random guy in Indiana, it’s not complicated, now.

Bert Neff has a son, Andrew, and he’s a pitcher on the Cincinnati Bearcats roster. So, the two coaches would have an obvious connection with the father of one of their pitchers. Well, the school, along with the gaming commission, put these pieces together.

Also, if there was a connection and Cincinnati could prove that these two coaches were talking with Bert Neff, then they might have reason to believe some type of wagering was taking place. Let’s be honest, you don’t fire someone from a school if you don’t have a smoking gun that’s something more than the coaches having recruited Neff’s kid.

This is only the beginning to this gambling problem in college athletics, with the NCAA and gaming commissions around the country taking a deep-dive into complaints.

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