Bettor At Center Of Alabama Baseball Investigation, With Ties To Brad Bohannon, Might Be Dumbest Gambler Alive

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The ongoing investigation into former Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon took a wild turn on Monday, as events that led to his firing came to light. Not only did the sportsbook notice wild behavior from Bert Neff Jr., they caught his stupid mistakes on camera.

Being over the top with your gambling is one thing, but flaunting it to the cashier at the local sports book is another. This was the case according to a report from Sports Illustrated on Monday evening. Not only was Bert Neff in communication with former Alabama coach Brad Bohannon, he also pleaded with the sportsbook to allow him to place a $100,000 wager, claiming he had inside information.

Well, turns out the inside information was coming through an encrypted app Neff was using to communicate with Brad Bohannon, who was in Baton Rouge. While Bert Neff was standing at the cashier line at the sportsbook inside the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, he was texting with Bohannon about a pitching change happening that night against LSU.

This guy was so bad at covering his tracks, the sportsbook cameras were able to zoom in on the phone he was using and see Brad Bohannon’s name on his phone. Besides the fact that there weren’t many people betting on the LSU-Alabama game that night, Neff’s pleading with workers at the BetMGM Sportsbook made things even worse.

Alabama coach Brad Bohannon mocks Arkansas fans after being ejected. Courtesy of Jonathan Acosta
Alabama coach Brad Bohannon mocks Arkansas fans after being ejected. Courtesy of Jonathan Acosta

I’m no expert in gambling, but telling the cashier that you have inside information on a baseball game is the reason why you need to place the bet will surely raise some red flags. Turns out this was one of the ways this guy was caught trying to place a massive wager on LSU, who was the favorite that night. Also, the amount of the bet far exceeded the sportsbook limit on college baseball wagering.

[Video cameras] can see the [text] conversation back-and-forth,” a source familiar with the incident said in the report. “It couldn’t have been any more reckless.”

The report states that Brad Bohannon knew that the wagering was happening and the information he provided was being used for gambling purposes. Starting pitcher Luke Holman was scratched that afternoon, due to a sore back, and replaced by Hagan Banks.

Third College Baseball Team Under NCAA Investigation

Not only did Alabama feel the wrath of the Bert Neff investigation, but Cincinnati did as well. Neff’s son is a pitcher for the Bearcats and though he was not involved in the gambling activity, assistant Kyle Sprague was terminated, along with ops director Andy Nagel. According to the report, both men were aware of the father’s gambling activity, but failed to notify Cincinnati administrators. The pair of assistants have not been accused of betting on Cincinnati games

Cincinnati finally acknowledged the firings, with Bearcats head coach Scott Googins resigning on May 31st.

Now, a third school has been caught-up in the shenanigans of Brett Neff, with the NCAA reportedly launching an inquiry into Xavier baseball. It should be noted that Xavier is located in Cincinnati, but the school did not confirm an inquiry, according to the report.

So, not only did Brett Neff’s outlandish gambling practices get Bohannon and some of his friends caught, they’ve now somehow implicated a third school in the investigation.

Congratulations to Brett Neff for being one of the dumbest gamblers I’ve ever seen, allegedly.

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