Al Michaels & Cris Collinsworth Forced To Wear Masks During Sunday Night Football (Update)

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We’ve officially reached the stage of 2020 when Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth are required to wear masks while broadcasting the Eagles-49ers game in Santa Clara, California. “The officials have compelled us to wear masks during the game. And so that is the story,” Al Michaels said during the Sunday Night Football opening.

“I’m Al Michaels, you are?” Michaels asked Collinsworth.

“I don’t know who I am,” Collinsworth shot back while shaking his head.

It’s unclear which officials Michaels is referencing, but it must have been people far enough up the COVID police ladder to force Al and Cris into masks. We’ll stay on this to see if anyone steps forward to claim responsibility.

• Michaels said before this clip that Santa Clara officials compelled the broadcast team to wear masks. Here are the official rules, according to the San Francisco Chronicle:

The order issued by the California Department of Public Health outlines nearly a dozen situations in which cloth face coverings are required, including when a person is in an indoor public place or line waiting to enter, riding public transportation, and working at many offices and other places.

The order also requires people to wear masks when they are outdoors in public spaces if they are within 6 feet of others who are not members of their household.

Businesses must require face coverings for employees and customers.

UPDATE: “We wouldn’t want them to end up like the president,” Santa Clara County chief executive Jeffrey Smith told the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Meanwhile, tonight on KPIX in the Bay Area, no masks. Yes, they’re six feet apart, but remember the rules posted above. “Businesses must require face coverings for employees and customers.”

I guess local TV news is exempt from the rule or the local officials wanted to play politics with tonight’s NBC broadcast.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. It’s almost as bad a deciding to buy 2020 TN Titans season tix… while decrying woke pro sports leagues…

    Ridiculing your wife while pulling your 4ht grader out of school to watch the stupid Braves is worse.

    Not cool…

  2. Enough is enough already. Steelers and Titans rescheduled. Patriots and Chiefs are going to play. New England will be without Cam. I will be honest about saying that I have never been a fan of Cam, but he is playing better than he has ever! I understand he needs to sit out, but how can that game be played while Steelers and Titans are forced to have a bye in week 4? There are many players on the team and practice team. All I’m saying is quarantine those players and bring in the reserves to play the game. I’m happy that we have football!

  3. Now this is great liberal political theater!! I loved Uncle Joe wearing a mask when making a speech. Sorry Cronabros but there are more important things in life. I truly apologize if this burst your politically correct bubble.

  4. Welcome to the Bay. If you’re a politician like Gavin Newsom or Nancy Pelosi, feel free to do as you please. If you’re anyone else, you feel like you’re in a scene from Monty Python’s “The Holy Grail.” Nothing is sacred, and if it sounds flipping insane, it’s a rule. These people have zero scruples, and consciences that not only don’t exist, they want to reprogram yours. No thanks. All of you Bay area “science” nuts need to do some serious history homework.

  5. samwebb, I agree about Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi having not conscience. Everything’s a game of control for them. And I do think they (and whole lot of other democrats) want to reprogram our thinking. This reprogramming, of course, goes way beyond just their coronavirus policies. They feign compassion, feign caring about minorities, feign wanting to do “whats right”, when in reality they have no souls. …..(and if any liberals happen to be reading this, I fully realize coronavirus is real, just like the flu is real, just like the common cold is real, just like a million other illnesses which we don’t shut everything down for are real. I also fully realize that coronavirus statistics show that it is dangerous for people with certain underlying conditions. What I don’t understand, is why democrats refuse to admit that statistics also show that healthy people between ages of 1-50 have something like a 99.998% survival rate)

  6. Keep bending over folks the govt CANNOT legally tell you what to wear period a private business yes the govt NO when the American people decide to fight this tyranny that’s when it will end until then enjoy your masks.

  7. Masks worn by commentators: The pandemic is the corrupt libs placing their knee on the neck of American citizens and taking away their constitutional freedoms.‭ ‬2‭ ‬million citizens die every years according to CDC records.‭ ‬Corrupt,‭ ‬liberal health care providers are coding deaths as virus when the morbidity rates would have happened anyhow.‭ ‬Test results have been proven to be corrupted as well.‭ ‬Just follow the results:‭ ‬Dems:‭ ‬lock down is goal‭; ‬draconian measures there desired result.‭ ‬Twisted,‭ ‬unethical,‭ ‬disingenuous schemers:‭ ‬had enough‭? ‬Vote Republican

  8. QUOTE: ***“We wouldn’t want them to end up like the president.”****

    All of these Coronabros had better hope the president straight up dies, because if he doesn’t as soon as he gets out of the hospital and back to normal, it’s going to be lights out for their scare tactics.

    All of this making hay about “See? He should have worn a mask.” is going to backfire when people realize that it really is just like any other bad flu outbreak.

  9. It’s not just in California. My elementary kids were in a school musical here in Nashville over the weekend and were required to wear masks while singing on stage. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Pretty soon we’ll be burying people with their stupid masks on.

  10. With leadership like Newsom, Pelosi, and Harris, California doesn’t have a prayer. A beautiful state being destroyed before our eyes. I visited a gun store last week and no one was wearing a mask. It felt like normal was back for a minute. The owner said he was tired of it and if a customer or employee wanted to wear a mask it was fine, but he wasn’t forcing anyone.

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