AJ McCarron’s Chest Tattoo Is More Wonderful Than Ever

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It’s 22 days until the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish unite in a tremendous and colossal battle pitting the two dumbest fan bases on earth to ever play for a title.

I can’t wait.

Once the game kicks off OKTC’s old friend AJ McCarron, who presently holds the distinction of being the only athlete to ever block me on Twitter, will be seeking to lead Alabama to back-to-back title games. (By the way, AJ blocked me on Twitter for calling his mom smoking hot. Which is unfortunate because I was just being honest. His mom is really, really hot.) Anyway, before last season AJ McCarron got a chest tattoo which found its way to the Internet.

Back in the summer of 2011 when OKTC was freshly launched, we featured AJ’s tattoo, which you can now see below.

We even had one of our writers, Hayley, write an analysis of whether Tyler Bray or A.J. McCarron’s tattoo was better.

After the 2011 season we began to receive unconfirmed reports that McCarron had added to his tattoo. Email after email, tweet after tweet, all asked us whether we had seen AJ’s chest tattoo additions. But, mysteriously, no pictures surfaced of the new tattoo. McCarron’s rumored tattoo additions were our own Internet white whale, we simply couldn’t find them anywhere, no matter how hard we searched.

Then the 2012 Christmas season arrived.

And lo and behold, OKTC’s own Christmas miracle arrived.  

Twitter user RMS3 passed them along to us. According to this fine upstanding Auburn fan, whose Twitter feed now features an Auburn Tiger in a leprechaun’s outfit, his sister’s friend took the pictures this past summer, but just posted them to Facebook today.

Why did it take her so long? I have no idea.

But as you can see it appears that AJ has added a fake cross necklace, the words “home team,” what appear to be a few doves, the phrase “God in control,” what appears to be a shoutout to the MWI airport — Milwaukee, what what! —  stars that could be folded over American flag, and assorted other cloud-like props and squiggly decorations. (Update, via Twitter and Facebook analysts it appears this says MVP. Which is to honor his MVP status in last year’s BCS title game. Sorry, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.)

Given how well this tattoo addition fits onto the previously confirmed original tattoo, this is either the work of a supremely skilled photoshop artist — the Michelangelo of fake Alabama quarterback tattoos — or the real thing.

We prefer to think of this as our white whale, the long sought after McCarron tattoo addition.

Again, we’d ask AJ on Twitter if this was an accurate photo rendition of his new tattoo, but he blocked us for saying his mom was hot.

It appears that there’s more than one chest worthy of attention the McCarron household.

This will probably all get cleared up when Nick Saban gives his team a day off to enjoy the Miami beaches.


Godspeed, AJ, I’ve got you and Bama at 5-1 to win the BCS title. Don’t let me down.

And god bless you the most of all Ms. McCarron.

We all love you.

Written by Clay Travis

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