Air Force Scientist Accused Of Tricking Defense Contractor Into Hiring Sex Worker As Military Researcher

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There’s advanced-propulsion-technologies level of genius. Then there’s tricking-a-defense-contractor-into-hiring-an-unqualified-sex-worker level of genius. Jim Gord was both (allegedly).

According to a recently unsealed search warrant, Gord tricked his civilian contractor friend, Sukesh Roy, to hire the unnamed woman in 2017. He lied about how he met the 32-year-old and gave his friend a doctored resume. He also boasted about her “technical expertise” and the fact that she was “hot.”

The part about the woman being hot should have been the first red flag.

In reality, the woman was a sex worker. She had none of the skills listed on her fictitious resume. The married Gord met the woman in Cincinnati and charged her $400-per-hour rate to his government credit card prior to convincing his friend to hire her.

As if convincing your friend to hire a sex worker as a military researcher wasn’t crazy enough, Gord then stepped things up to a new level. After Roy confronted him about the woman’s lack of technical expertise, he came clean. He told Roy that she was a prostitute.

The woman resigned and was hired by the new company

When Gord found out about Roy’s plans to fire the sex worker, he became upset. He then moved over half the government funds allocated to Roy’s company to a rival company. The woman resigned and was hired by the new company.

Gord died back in September of 2021 and it’s worth noting that he wasn’t charged in connection with the warrant prior to his death. The unnamed sex worker was never charged, either.

When I first saw this I couldn’t believe that someone got away with this. Then when I started unpacking the story it blew me away.

I’m not going to judge when it comes to what appears to be this guy’s apparent love of sex workers. It’s not for me personally, but I’m not going to knock anyone else for doing it.

What blows my mind is that Gord not only convinced his friend to hire the woman, but that she lasted more than a day and a half at the job. Then he shifted funding to another company when he heard she was going to be fired and she was hired there as well.

Who has the energy to pull all this off? It just goes to show no matter how smart someone is, everyone has weaknesses.

Written by Sean Joseph

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