Air Force Football Uniforms Will Honor The WWII Moment When America Landed A Right Hook On Japan’s Jaw

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Air Force will wear uniforms honoring America striking back at Japan after Pearl Harbor, and it’s a legit look.

The Falcons unveiled uniforms Tuesday that honor the legendary Doolittle Raid when American B-25 bombers flew deep into Japan and lit up targets on the ground.

It was a sign to Japan after Pearl Harbor that while America had been hit hard, we were going to get up and hit a hell of a lot harder. It’s an all-time great military story.

Now, Air Force will wear uniforms honoring the incredible raid for the October 21 game against Navy. Check out the unbelievably patriotic announcement video below.

Air Force will honor the Doolittle Raid.

I can’t encourage you all enough to read up on the Doolittle Raid and the men who carried it out. It’s briefly covered in the movie “Pearl Harbor,” but it hardly does it justice.

Men were chosen to fly bombers deep into Japan knowing there was only enough fuel to make it one way, but the mission carried out April 18, 1942 had to be done.

The world – and most importantly Japan – had to know the USA wasn’t going to stay down for long. The Japanese had to know we were coming and bringing a hell of a lot of violence and death with us.

Elevated view of B-25 bombers on the deck of the USS Hornet aircraft carrier, April 1942. The planes were being prepared for a Tokyo raid to be led by Major Jimmy Doolittle. (Photo by US Navy/Interim Archives/Getty Images)

Of the 16 B-25 bombers that were launched, 15 were destroyed and one landed in the Soviet Union. A total of seven men gave their lives, including three executed as POWs, while others were able to escape after crash landings. Four POWs survived the war.

Now, Air Force will pay homage to all the brave men who sacrificed so much to carry out the raid. The helmets feature a B-25 bomber, some helmets will have plates featuring the plane nicknames and the numbers are made to look like steel and rivets from a B-25.

It doesn’t get much more badass than that.

It’s moments like this one that make college football so great. The season hasn’t even started yet and we already have multiple pro-America uniforms. The Falcons are now at the top of the list. Will Navy beat them? I can’t wait to find out, but right now, these uniforms are the best in the country.

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  1. See: Lawson, Ted ’30 Seconds Over Tokyo’ (1943) Lawson was one of Doolittle’s pilots, flying a B-25 named ‘The Ruptured Duck’ on the raid. A fantastic book detailing the genesis of the idea, mission design, the training, and finally the raid itself.

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