Aikman Says QB Debate In Philadelphia A Big Reason Behind Pederson’s Dismissal

The power struggle in Philadelphia ended Monday when owner Jeffrey Lurie decided to fire head coach Doug Pederson.

The back and forth had to do with the Eagles quarterback spot, with Pederson feeling that rookie Jalen Hurts gave the team a better shot to win than Lurie’s favorite – Carson Wentz.

Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman made an appearance on Michael Irvin’s podcast, stating that he spoke to Pederson after the firing and confirmed that the quarterback debate was one of the big reasons for Pederson’s dismissal.

“I reached out to Doug Pederson yesterday when I heard the news,” Aikman said via Pro Football Talk.

“What I gathered it came down to was a difference of opinion as to how they’re moving forward at the quarterback position, is what I sensed.

“Jeff Lurie, the owner, has paid a lot of money to Carson Wentz, and they’re on the hook with him. They can’t get out of that contract right away. It’s my belief that Doug Pederson felt that Jalen Hurts is probably the quarterback going forward. And how does that mesh?”

Wentz’s step backwards in play in 2020 seemed to put Pederson in a tight spot. He thought he should put Hurts in the starting role for the final few games to try and salvage the season, but he knew that decision would run afoul of Lurie.

Whoever the Eagles bring in as their next head coach had better be a fan of Wentz and be willing to go back to him as the starter for the 2021 season.

Written by Matt Loede

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