After Two Weeks, Boomer Esiason Says Mac Jones Better Than Trevor Lawrence

Former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason likes what he sees from Patriots rookie Mac Jones. Though the sample size is small, Boomer’s ready to label Jones the top gunslinger of a rookie class that includes Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance and Justin Fields. And he openly acknowledges that Jones’ New England landing spot has a lot to do with his opinion. “He’s in the perfect offense,” said Esiason.

Esiason was asked on The Greg Hill Show whom he would select if the NFL Draft were held today instead of last April. “It would have to be Mac,” said Esiason. The Jaguars, of course, opted for Trevor Lawrence with the top pick last spring.

Immediately following the selection of Lawrence, the Jets nabbed Wilson, then Lance went to San Francisco at three. The quarterback carousel briefly paused before Fields and Jones came off the board with the 11th and 15th picks.

Boomer believes that New England got the best of the bunch at pick 15: “I think everybody sees that. He’s in the perfect offense.”

Through two games, Jones has proven himself worthy of Esiason’s praise: he’s completed 74% of his passes and is yet to throw an interception for the Patriots (1-1).

Meanwhile, the other rookie quarterbacks, especially Lawrence, have struggled. Lawrence’s play has been inconsistent at best, and his team’s 0-2 start already has coach Urban Meyer pleading for patience with Jacksonville fans.

Had Lawrence ended up with New England, Esiason’s thinking may have been different. He feels as though landing with the Patriots is a big reason why Jones is having early success. “Mac is in the best situation for a young quarterback to be supported by his team, his coaching staff,” Esiason said. “I think they way they’re handling Mac and what he’s doing on the field is really a testament to the coaching staff.”

Expect Esiason to be tuned in when Lawrence’s Jags and Jones’ Patriots square off January 2nd in Foxborough.

Written by Anthony Farris


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      • Look at Darnold vs. Wilson, the second Darnold gets out of a Jets uniform he looks like he will be a decent qb. In a few years Mark Sanchez will be looked back on fondly as the golden age of Jets qbs, while those who remember Namath fade away. Herbert fro the Chargers could put up 400 yards and 4 touchdowns for 17 games and the Chargers would still find a way to go 7-10. Chicago can take good fb’s and turn them to average. Detroit is a place where careers go to die. Being in a stable situation where the coaches either draft to their strength or evolve to the qb’s strength, ownership/management make savvy roster decisions gives players the ability to shine.

  1. He’s absolutely correct. The Patriots coaching staff are giving Mac Jones only what he can handle and they will build on it weekly. Then you look at the Jets who got rid of Darnold and he’s off to a good start while Wilson is struggling. If the Jets aren’t careful, Wilson will be just another QB that New York discards.

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