After Spending Months Defunding Police, Minneapolis Spends Millions To Recruit Police

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Suddenly, Minneapolis has decided it wants to fund the police, after all.

Or more accurately, the city intends to spend about $6.4 million to hire dozens of police officers. This comes at a time when some members of City Council and activist organizations have been trying to cancel the police department in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death — which spurred rioting and burning businesses.

“The City Council voted unanimously Friday to approve the additional funding that police requested,” The Associated Press reported. “The department says it only has 638 officers available to work — roughly 200 fewer than usual. An unprecedented number of officers quit or went on extended medical leave after Floyd’s death and the unrest that followed, which included the burning of a police precinct.”

In the months since Floyd’s death and the ensuing riots, some Minneapolis residents “have begged city leaders to hire additional officers, saying they’re waiting longer for responses to emergency calls amid a dramatic uptick in violent crime,” the Star Tribune reported.

Per Forbes, police recorded 532 gunshot victims in 2020, more than double what was reported last year. Violent crimes were also up, surpassing 5,100, and reported car jackings have increased a whopping 331 percent. Overall, murders were up 50 percent. So the data shows more police officers, not less, seemingly makes considerably more sense.

Council members who approved the plan told the Star Tribune their goal is transparency and accountability in the police department. The changes go into effect next week, when the city will post openings for a new class of officers to be hired over the summer.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. My Lord, who would even consider working as a police officer in a major city, let alone Minneapolis??? The only good news is that the old concept of supply and demand is going to trigger some pretty hefty salary increases to attract officers.

    • They got rid of the old ones, many of whom were probably pretty good, and will probably end up replacing them with mindless drones who are really bad at their jobs. How convenient for the crony establishment that wants to suppress the middle-class at the heel of their jackboot.

  2. Blue state police = oathbreakers who will enforce every unconstitutional command sent down by their democrat overlords. Is it a coincidence that the powers that be made being a police officer so unattractive and toxic, that they then later look to recruit new ones who don’t give a shit about the constitution and will obey every job-killing, civil rights violating command their bosses give them? Not to me it isn’t.

    • Sound theory. And it makes sense – I mean the reason the left hates the cops is mostly bc it’s like the only significant institution left that they don’t control. Tech, TV, movies, print, labor, schools, colleges, advertising, even the DOD and churches north of the Mason Dixon – progressive dogma everywhere. What do we have? AM radio? Some high school football coaches? OKTC? Getting the police would be huge for them – especially when they come for our guns and trucks.

  3. As a resident of Minneapolis, I can assure you that there is another side to this: Reelection. All of these city council members and the Mayor are up for reelection this year. This probably wouldn`t be happening in a different year. Even then, this city is so stuck on stupid when it comes to politics, these people would probably get voted back in anyway. On the bright side……`s currently -8 degrees 🙂

  4. Growing up, I was under the impression Minneapolis and Minnesota in general was populated with good, hard working patriotic folks. Appears there are a lot of left wingers there. Perhaps Mark can clarify for me.

  5. Like most states dominated by a large metropolitan area, Minnesota’s “takers” outnumber the tax payers. Perhaps the people are wondering whether their embrace of far left politicians like Keith Ellison and Amy Klobacher was really a good decision? Of course, it was not,

  6. I am very disappointed by this. I was hoping Minneapolis would run the full experiment. I’d love for all of the Uber-Liberals to experience what calling 911 is and having a social worker drive out to take the call.

    DO IT.

    Show the nation how it can be done.

    I’ll enjoy every minute of it.

    This is what happens when liberal hopes confront hard reality.

  7. But… Because progressive policy makers can’t help themselves, I have no doubt they will be looking for “community caretakers” instead of individuals who actually will be directed to enforce the law. I hope I am wrong but prove it otherwise Minneapolis. Time will tell.

  8. Minneapolis – if you think your city leadership can solve ANY problem “good luck”. Please do not move to Texas and vote democrat. Stay in Minneapolis and “reimagine” a Republican dominated local and state government.

  9. Leftists are mentally deficient, evil or both. Keep voting for Democrats and this is what you get. Not saying Republicans are perfect, they are not. But they do understand causation and generally want law and order.

  10. I honestly can’t imagine why anyone who has options would remain in Minneapolis, Portland, or Seattle. Mark mentioned that the current governmental officials will be voted out in Minneapolis. Let’s hope that happens in all three of those cities.

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