After Campaigning for Play-In Tournament, LeBron Calls for Creator to Lose Job

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LeBron James is a fraud. The biggest one in sports. He’s also a hypocrite of the worst kind. Most of the time, LeBron proves these things on topics he knows nothing about — politics, social issues, history, The Godfather. This time, however, he proved his idiocy while discussing basketball, a topic he does know.

A year ago, comfortably locked into a top playoff seed, the social justice warrior campaigned for a play-in tournament to spice up the tanking NBA playoffs. Now that he may have to participate in the extra tournament himself — the Lakers are currently the 6th seed — LeBron has called for the guy who came up with the idea to lose his job. Fire the SOB.

Here’s LeBron in action:

Readers who haven’t watched an NBA game this season — in other words, most sports fans — are probably wondering why the Lakers’ seeding is much lower this season. That’s because LeBron James suffered a devastating, career-changing, America-altering injury. This novel injury is known as a “high ankle sprain,” something LeBron says is so rare that he will never, ever be able to fully recover from it.

At this point, many normal people want to know how they can support the cause of exposing this guy. Look no further than OutKick’s critically acclaimed LeFruad line:

Buy the shirts now.

How funny would it be if LeBron and the Lakers have to participate in the play-in tournament?

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. I am almost at a loss for words for this ignorant POS almost this dude has serious mental issues there is just something wrong with him for such a privileged life that could do so much good he is always race hating cop hating America hating. He seems always pissed off and wanting people and businesses to lose jobs or close down just a self centered bigot that needs major life help smfh

  2. Bobby, your first three sentences say it all…”LeBron James is a fraud. The biggest one in sports. He’s also a hypocrite of the worst kind.” I agree with James7. There are some deep routed issues with LeBron. He’s living a milk & honey life, but constantly spews piss & vinegar.

    • My theory is that LeBron was coddled almost from Day One once his basketball prowess became evident. Since then, he’s attended private schools, sent to free basketball clinics and camps, and did the AAU route. Once he hit the NBA, he ran into people who actually did have a rough upbringing, had friends and family go to prison and get killed, and lived in poverty.

      I think its a guilt thing. He wants to prove that he is “one of them” my making up lies about facing prejudice and hardship because he has had no experiences. And because he has no personal experience, everything is over the top yet totally superficial and vague so it can not be pinned down. He gloms on to the injustice of the day then moves onto the next, having no investment in the issue.

      LeBron is almost Truman at this point, an entity created by corporations and the media.

  3. LeFraud is such a fraud I don’t even believe he has a high ankle sprain.

    I’m seriously thinking this guy did some selling of his soul to the devil or something…because anybody who has what he has in life and has upside down thinking must be dabbling with the occult or something.

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