Adidas Exec Bragged He Promoted Black Staffer To Manager Role On Account Of ‘Diversity’

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A longtime executive at Adidas bragged to staffers in 2019 that he promoted a black employee to a managerial position merely on account of their skin color.

Roland Auschel, the head of sales at the Germany-based Adidas, made the remark during a meeting with 200 managers, according to the Financial Times (FT). Auschel called the promotion a “contribution to diversity.”

The hell with qualifications and resume, says Auschel!

But managers in attendance were neither amused nor impressed. “It was completely inappropriate,” one manager at the meeting said.

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Another employee told FT that the company learned of Auschel’s comment after the fact, and thus prompted a two-year investigation.

Adidas says it hired “a reputable law firm” to probe allegations concerning Auschel’s “potential breaches of internal conduct guidelines” as part of a “comprehensive and independent” investigation.

The investigation has since concluded with Auschel keeping his job.

It’s unclear if Adidas and staffers were upset Auschel promoted an employee on the basis of race or upset because he admitted it aloud. I suspect it’s the latter.

Either way, Adidas put Auschel through “several months of coaching in 2021” for his actions. What’s the opposite of D&I training called?

Roland Auschel, the head of sales at Adidas,

Despite the investigation and subsequent training course, Mr. Auschel is doing quite well these days. Adidas extended the 30-year veteran’s contract in 2021 with a 26% tack-on to his bonus.

Auschel earned a total of $3.7 million last year. Good work, if you can get it.

We now patiently wait for other company staffers to report their bosses for bragging about promoting employees based on their skin color. The list could be extensive.

There’s no word on if the promoted Adidas manager is still appreciative of the promotion following the publication of the reason why. At least they got to rise up the corporate-sphere.


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  1. “Completely inappropriate “? After Adidas, like every other company today, revels in hiring based on race and then tries to hide it from us racists? Just admit you do it and that the dope just said what everyone knows. Complete BS.

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