Adam Silver Discusses Which Cities Would Get An Expansion Team (Yes, Seattle)

Adam Silver was asked by Rachel Nichols on ESPN’s The Jump about the league’s plans for expansion and his answer was interesting.

“Seattle is inevitable,” said Silver. “At that point, Key Arena (the Sonics home site) wasn’t up to NBA specifications.”

Music to the ears of Sonics fans because judging off these words alone, there’s no question the NBA is on its way back to Seattle. There was always genuine interest in that market for a basketball team, but they didn’t have anywhere to play. Simple business that led the Sonics to Oklahoma City.

Now, the NBA can keep the Thunder in OKC while expanding the association back to Seattle for good. No one has to be heart broken for a franchise to come to their city this time.

Adam Silver already stated earlier this month that the league was looking to expand to deal with the losses from COVID. Other leagues are making business moves, with none of those changes having anything to do with growing.

Beautiful all the way around for basketball.

When basketball finally returns to Seattle it’s expected to be met with open arms no matter who they’ve upset leaving. Sometimes a break from each other can be a good thing–that’s why Game Of Thrones forced us to wait.


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