Adam Schefter May Have Let Mr. Editor Proofread Another Scoop

No wonder Adam Schefter has so many sources.

Monday, Schefter reported the news that WR Danny Amendola had retired from the NFL. Under the news, Schefter pumped up the former WR with his accolades and claims that multiple teams wanted Amendola’s services.

Schefter’s follow-up tweet reads as follows: 

“Despite multiple teams calling this offseason, two-time Super-Bowl champion WR Danny Amendola has decided to retire from the NFL. ‘It was better than I could have ever imagined,’ Amendola said about his career.”

Schefter did his source a favor by letting followers know that Amendola was a wanted man. That’s fine; that’s how the scoop-game works. Yet it seems Schefter took it a step further, sending his source the tweet before publication.

Initially, Schefter posted a different tweet with the same wording but with the word “Work?” above it. Luckily for giggles, the screenshoters got to the tweet before he could delete it:

“Work?” as in “is this tweet to your liking, Mr. Editor?”

Think we are joking?

Emails released last year showed Schefter calling former Redskins general manager Bruce Allen “Mr. Editor,” allowing him to make adjustments to his scoops before they go live.

Schefter makes $10 million a year to copy and paste messages as scoops. Good work, if you can get it.

And that might not even be his cringiest moment of the year. His praising of that hateful, race-baiting hack Mark Jones may have been worse.

Still, Schefter is a more respectful “insider” than Mike Florio and Adrian Wojnarowski. Though he has sunk below SR NFL Insider Dan Dakich.

Most importantly, Schefter’s original tweet must have “worked” because the proofread version was a word-for-word clone.

Good work, Schefter.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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