Adam Gase Could Get the Boot This Week

There are three NFL coaches who are on the verge of unemployment: Adam Gase, Dan Quinn, and the putrid Matt Patricia. Oddly, Gase, the one with the least amount of talent, could be first to get the early-season boot.

“All the external noise you’ve heard from the media and fans about head coach Adam Gase has now gone internal,” ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports. “We heard players complain this week about the practice intensity and league sources say on the inside the executives of the Jets at the highest levels are looking at Gase as well as they play the Colts in Indianapolis today and a key game Thursday night against the Broncos who also are very injured. Watch out on the Jets and Adam Gase this coming week.”

Hard to imagine the next two weeks won’t mirror the first two: unwatchable.

Again, why Gase? In what world is he worse than Patricia, who Bill Belichick will soon disown?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Hey Bobby…certainly not a hot take by me lol…but the average NFL HC keeps his job 4.3 years.
    If you remove Belichick, Payton, and Harbaugh the number goes wayyyyy down.
    Like the NBA with 2.1 years (when you delete Pop).
    Seems like The Turk will be busy with HCs this season.

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