Above The Rim Or Above The Law? NBA Legend Skips Jury Duty

Hall of Fame basketball player Ray Allen is just like you and me, except he shoots a silky-smooth jumper and has millions of dollars. But other than that, he’s one of us. And like anyone with a pulse, Allen has no interest in sitting for jury duty. But rather than concoct a phony excuse like a normal person, Allen just skipped the responsibility altogether.

Allen, who played 18 seasons in the NBA, was assigned to jury duty in Miami last week for a deadly carjacking. However when the trial began, there was no sign of Allen. The 46-year-old stayed away from the court throughout the trial, which ended on Tuesday. His actions prompted a call and a fine from U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke.

Cooke issued a “show cause” order against Allen, seeking sanctions against him for his failure to report for civic duty.

“Mr. Allen’s actions in failing to appear for jury duty are both baffling and disconcerting,” Cooke says in the order.

Per the Miami Herald, the trial was actually scheduled for March 14th, but was moved when Allen, upon being selected as a juror, asked to have it moved back one day so he could attend the jersey retirement of former Celtic teammate Kevin Garnett. Cooke accommodated his request and pushed the trial back one day. But Allen still didn’t show.

“Through his actions in failing to appear for jury duty, Mr. Allen appears to not appreciate or understand the importance of jury service. The right to a trial by jury is sacrosanct,” Cooke wrote in the show cause order. “However, the right to trial by jury can only be preserved if those who are chosen to serve on a jury actually fulfill their obligation to serve.”

Cooke then ordered the ex-hooper to donate $1,000 to charity. Allen’s attorney, William McCue, then apologized to Cooke on Allen’s behalf, and called the entire situation “a complete misunderstanding.”

In other words, Allen still won’t own up to his fouls.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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