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Imagine living in a world where trading apps tell you they’re looking out for your best interests

I haven’t lived a full life like some people out there who know everything, but I know that when I hear an investment app say that it’s doing something in the best interest of its clients, it sends up red flags. Besides your parents or a wife that you’re actually still in love with, people saying they’re doing something “in your best interest” is usually a major trap.

“Chuck, I’ll handle the entire fishing trip. Give me your credit card number, and I’ll book everything. My friend’s wife Trish is a great travel agent, and she’ll hook us up. Trust me, it’s in your best interest.”

“Put $500 on black. It’s in your best interest.”

Vegas cabbie: “It’s in your best interest to hit this strip club. You’ll love it.”

Vegas cabbie: “I’m going to take the tunnel to get to the MGM Grand. It’s in your best interest.” Just kidding, the cabbie’s not going to tell you he’s long hauling.

“As your lawyer, it’s in your best interest to just go ahead and pay your soon-to-be-ex-wife whatever she’s asking for.”

The second Robinhood started sending out best interest signals on Thursday was the minute you saw people revolt exactly as they should. “We’re sorry – this order can’t be canceled, as we placed it to mitigate the risk to your account,” Robinhood told customers as it started selling off shares without permission.

• It’s weird to think we’re about to head into Super Bowl week without Radio Row, the normal parties and the fun that makes being at the Super Bowl much better than being at home. A year ago, I was preparing to head to Miami for events. My media friend Paul flew in, we did some interviews, went to a couple of events, drank well into the morning on South Beach and ate Cuban food at like 3 a.m. It was a blast. This year, I’ll be sitting at home blogging for you guys.

• This is very interesting. Fox wants the NHL back and might find itself in a bidding war with ESPN. Why? I have to believe this is a buy low for a whole bunch of live content scenario. If you can dream up a sport to broadcast and gamble on, there’s a good chance there’s a broadcasting company that will blow money to show it.

• What happens when the sports card market explodes? People start creating fake card holders featuring cards that aren’t 10s. It’s like Instagram models using filters to look like 9s when they’re really 4s and 5s.

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  1. Grew up in the south. Hockey was a yankey sport, period. Never saw the point, dismiss. Until….I went to a hockey game. Dating a new girl and she was a bit of a die-hard LA Kings fan, so for her birthday, thought I would show off by getting tickets behind the bench. Turns out, worst seats in the entire building, but got to see hockey players up close. You can see all of the scars in the faces of the veterans and almost all of the players have some false teeth. Make no mistake, hockey is a man’s sport, I am hooked, have a closet full of jerseys and I will never miss the chance to man up for a hockey game, shitty pretzels and beer. Go Kings Go!

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