Aaron Rodgers Says He Took ‘Double Nut Shot’ On First Interception Vs. Saints

Aaron ‘R-E-L-A-X’ Rodgers is taking last week’s humiliating loss in stride, even if his own personal stride feels a little sideways at the moment.

The Green Bay quarterback said after the game that he took a “double nut shot” on the first of his two interceptions in the 38-3 loss to New Orleans, a play which basically summed up how the day unfolded.

Rodgers said that the team watched the film on Monday and then immediately “flushed it” so that they could start game-planning for Week Two, a Monday Night game versus the Lions.

Say what you will about Rodgers, but his resiliency should never be called into question. The great players understand that the NFL season is long and treacherous, and the occasional embarrassing loss can happen on any given Sunday. Rodgers made sure to emphasize that the “response” to the loss means more than wondering what went wrong.

“It might be a freak out outside the facility,” Rodgers said. “I think it’s just a good learning lesson for us. We can’t play like that, we can’t start a game like that. Like I said after the game, our energy level was a little bit low before the game. We have to do a better job responding to adversity. There’s not much to say. We got our asses beat by 35 points, we’re all frustrated about it, but just move on. We have 16 more to go.”

Ironically enough, the Buccaneers also lost to the Saints 38-3 in 2020 en route to a Super Bowl victory, so maybe there is some cosmic synergy happening: double nut shot, double identical Saints beatdowns. As far as NFL superstitions go, you could do a lot worse; but regardless, the fact remains that the Packers looked terrible, and will need to make a lot of adjustments to even beat a basement-dwelling Lions team on Monday.

Written by TK Sanders

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