Aaron Rodgers Responds To Super Bowl Boycott Rumor, Calling It The ‘#DumbestF***ingStoryEver’

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Aaron Rodgers tallied his second win of Week 18 — without needing to step onto Ford Field for his regular-season finale against the Detroit Lions.

First, Rodgers handled Hub Arkush’s misuse of voting power when the sportswriter labeled the quarterback — current AP-MVP favorite — as a “bad guy” and undeserving of the award for remaining unvaccinated in a contentious season off the field.

The defiant QB dropped a perfect response in the bucket: calling Arkush a “bum” for promoting the unfit narrative.

Rodgers scored his second dub on Friday in response to a rumor that took the COVID narrative involving Rodgers to all-time absurdity.

Former NFL quarterback and sports commentator Boomer Esiason was at the root of the rumor — imploring his co-host on the Boomer and Gio show to read the text from a Packers source, spreading outlandish news on Green Bay’s quarterback.

Esiason and crew announced that Aaron Rodgers intended to boycott the Super Bowl, if the Packers rallied that far, to send a message on the COVID hysteria that the NFL cast upon Rodgers all season.

The text read:

“Boom, the Rodgers saga continues to get crazier and crazier. I’ve been told by multiple people in Aaron’s direct circle that if the Packers make the Super Bowl, he will use the week leading up to the Super Bowl to prove a major point. He will threaten the NFL by saying he won’t play in the big game or next season if they don’t eliminate some of the COVID-related rules. One big one that upsets him the most is the testing of non-symptomatic players. He’s told Jordan Love to be ready. Like you said, he’s got to make it first, but Super Bowl week will be set on fire and send [Commissioner Roger] Goodell in a frenzy navigating the situation.”

However, the nugget of information didn’t evade Rodgers’ adept QB vision. He quoted the clip from Esiason’s show and called it the “#dumbestf*ckingstoryever” via Twitter.

He ran up the score on Boomer by labeling it “#fakenews,” already making him qualified for a job at CNN should Jeopardy not work out in the long run.

Rodgers also added “#boycottbums” and “#boycottshoes” to his list of demands, stomping on Esiason’s game of telephone.

Packers backup QB Jordan Love responded to Rodgers’ tweet, piling on the #fakenews claims.

With this year’s championship being held at SoFi Stadium (in the heavily mandated Los Angeles County), the COVID narrative will surely remain in play as California further entertains added restrictions as a result of Omicron leading up to the Super Bowl.

Aaron Rodgers challenged the NFL this season on a return to football normalcy by acknowledging elements such as herd immunity and alternative treatments to combat the virus.

Rather than teaching Jordan Love to fill in at quarterback, Rodgers has been schooling the media on how to beat the critics in and out of Lambeau.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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