Packers Reportedly Told Aaron Rodgers They’d Trade Him, Then Backed Off

By now, you’ve seen the headlines and have canceled your pre-draft dinner and Zoom plans: Aaron Rodgers has told members within the Packers organization that he does not want to return to Green Bay.

Amid an unloading of Twitter reports, Trey Wingo revealed that the Packers told Rodgers they were going to trade him in the offseason but, for whatever reason, backed off.

Wingo’s sources say that trade or no trade, Rodgers is not coming back.

That’s the type of scoop I like. Juicy with multiple layers. While Trey Wingo does not dabble much in the scoop game, he’s not some hack. Wingo has long covered the NFL, most recently as ESPN’s NFL Draft host.

From a content perspective, we all want to see Rodgers on the move. Can you imagine the hot takes? But as a human, Rodgers also deserves a trade. The Packers are inept and have wasted the career of the most talented QB in NFL history. (No, it’s not Patrick Mahomes.)

If an alien was brought down to earth and told to watch a season of football, that alien would point to Aaron Rodgers and say — probably not in English — that he is the best it can find. Yet Americans would disagree because Rodgers has just one ring and Brady has (not joking) seven.

To be fair, fans of teams that don’t have a shot at trading for Rodgers are reasonably hoping he takes his talents to Jeopardy!

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I’m a life-long Packers fan and certainly agree the Pack should have won more SBs with Favre + Rodgers…however, they are both a big part of the reason why they have not. Beyond QB, the Pack has had plenty of talent to win it all more than 2 times. Favre had numerous playoff meltdowns including his last game as a Packer when he threw horrible INT vs the NYG to lose the game. And Rodgers has had his chances in numerous NFC championship games, the loss in Seattle in 2014 was most crushing…he played on a bad leg and couldn’t get the offense in the end zone enough to turn the game into a blowout…he played very poorly vs SF two years ago, and last year vs Tampa he had the ball down 5 twice in the 4th quarter and went three and out both times. He’s a great player, but just has trouble elevating his team when it counts the most. Green Bay has a top 5 offensive line, top 5 RB, top 5 WR and top 5 TE…where else does Rodgers go to have that? I guess its the Jets or Jeopardy for him…

  2. I also don’t buy into the narrative that he “deserves to be traded”…why? He signed a mega contract 2 years ago, got $100M in cash up front…the Pack has his rights, they have the leverage…it’s either off to the Jets or Broncos or it time to retire. At this point, the Pack fans won’t have much sympathy or patience of his antics.

    • Not sure where you got the $100M up front, MC…the 57M signing bonus is over 5 years (11.5M/yr), roster bonus of 33M is over 4 years (8M-13M-5M-7M in 2021), 3M workout bonus over 6 years (500K/yr), contract restructured for 2019-2023 paying 2.8M/yr over 5 years from 2019-2023, and base salary of 1M/yr in 2018-19, 1.5M in 2020, 14.7M in 2021 and 25M in 2022-2023.
      (numbers from

    • A lot of this is Hollywood Rodgers using the media to plead his case…why would the Packers trade him, he’s a high caliber player under contract? No way they send him to a NFC team, and does Rodgers really want to play for Gruden, Vic Fangio or the Jets? This is going nowhere, good try team Rodgers, but your options are to suit up for a top 5 returning good team in GB, or possibly host Jeopardy. if you’re not up for another SB run and proving your ability to elevate the play of your team to win the big ones, then I guess Jeopardy and wine parties with the Hollywood elite is a better choice.

      • I think that’s what he really wants. To be in Hollywood, hosting Jeopardy with dopey Shalain Woodley attending elite parties with the likes of Megan and Harry. Shallow, woke fucks.

  3. Rogers went Hollywood and the guy has gotten weirder and weirder…he’s drinking that elitist kool-aid, and oozes arrogance and ego…I guess all top QBs do to some level, but as a Packers fan, his attitude of its everyone else’s fault but mine has gotten old. I’m completely aware of how spoiled we’ve been with Favre + Rodgers, but I guess it’s time to move on whether we like it or not…Rodgers played his hand like the neighborhood kid that threatens to take his ball and go home…weak sauce

  4. He always seems to me coming off as arrogant and a bit cool and aloof he’s off playing TV games now had a perfect chance last year to finally win another SB number 1 seed great season a first round bye all playoffs at home and Brady and company cleaned their clock don’t really see anything changing moving forward.

  5. This article is ridiculous. First up, Brady tried to throw enough picks to get GB in the SB…but Mr Personally threw the game away. Like Watson, he got one coach run off then decided that wasn’t enough to make him happy. Never liked him, he’s not the greatest of all time dude, give that up.

    • Agree, he’s not the greatest of all-time…hasn’t won enough big games. He can blame lack of weapons (despite having a top 5 OL, WR, RB and TE) and lack of D (despite playing with HOFers Peppers, Matthews, Woodson)…but he needs to look himself in the mirror, he just hasn’t been good enough. Now I guess if he wants to take his ball and go home to host Jeopardy, he certainly can…it’s his life to live.

  6. I like Rodgers as a QB and he is one of the best, but Boo Hoo Hoo! He got his feelings hurt because they drafted Love last year! How about insurance in case you get hurt! Or any other number of reasons. When are these high paid high profile players going to learn it is not all about them. Yeah I know the QB position is most important but Chris Mostly Peaceful may have it right… the Grip!

  7. ….And this is one of the reasons I like Outkick. While the overwhelming majority of media and fans believe the Packers are almost entirely responsible for the fractured relationship with Rodgers, the Outkick audience gets it. For the record I get why Rodgers is somewhat PO’d with the teams management, especially considering his prickly nature, however that isn’t what this is really about.

    1) Rodgers has always been a bit arrogant and condescending, however it seems those qualities have gotten incrementally worse year after year and 2) Much of this present situation has to do with his off the field interests a) recently engaged to a Hollywood actress b) aspirations to be the permanent host of Jeopardy and c) he recently started an online business “Online Sports Database” with actor Ryan Rottman.

    He’s big timing the city of Green Bay and the state of Wisconsin, and that’s fine, but at least be honest about it. Instead Rodgers and many in the media keep the narrative going that the Packers have done nothing but disrespect him and F him over.

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