Aaron Rodgers Recruits Top NFL Free Agent Calais Campbell To New York Jets Despite Not Being Member Of New York Jets

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Aaron Rodgers is currently under contract with the Green Bay Packers. That isn’t stopping him from going to work on behalf of the New York Jets.

Rodgers, entering his 19th year in the National Football League, has made his future abundantly clear. If he is going to play another season, which he wants to do, it will be with Gang Green.

There is only one problem— Rodgers is not a free agent and playing for the Jets would require the Packers to trade him. That has not happened yet.

His preemptive announcement tied the hands of the New York organization. The team has no leverage when it comes to an acquisition of the four-time MVP.

Green Bay can sit back, set its price, and wait. If the Jets don’t want to pay what is being asked, fine. Their loss. The Packers have moved on internally, and Tiki Barber says that there is a chance that they could trade Rodgers to the 49ers if things play out in a certain way.

With that being said, New York’s general manager remains adamant that Rodgers will play in the Big Apple next fall. It’s just a matter of how long it takes to come to fruition.

The Aaron Rodgers saga continues.

Meanwhile, though, Rodgers is operating under the impression that he will be the starting quarterback for the Jets in 2023/24. He is recruiting NFL free agents to join him, even though he is not even part of the team, yet.

Calais Campbell, a six-time Pro Bowl defensive end, is 36 years old and has just a few years left in his distinguished career. After playing the last three seasons with Baltimore, he hit free agency earlier this spring and chose to sign with Atlanta.

But not with out a pitch from Rodgers!

It was kind of crazy because Aaron Rodgers texted me and he’s like ‘come on man, let’s go win a championship together.’ It was appealing having Aaron Rodgers text you talking about winning a Super Bowl together, but when it came down to it, I just had this gut feeling that Atlanta was a special place and the value I could bring would be most effective there.

— Calias Campbell, via ‘The Crew’ podcast with Josina Anderson

In the end, Campbell chose not to join Rodgers in Rutherford, and instead landed with the Falcons.

If Rodgers texted Campbell, he is likely texting others. The 39-year-old quarterback is recruiting free agents to a team of which he is not yet on.

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